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Innoventions Dream Home at Disneyland® Resort

HP brings an interactive, connected experience to 'Home of Tomorrow'

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by Susan Twombly, June 2008

Disneyland's latest Tomorrowland attraction, The Innoventions Dream Home, is an amazing showcase of the most advanced, connected technology and entertainment for the home.

But it's more than just a theme park exhibit: It's an immersive, interactive experience, with hands-on opportunities to explore how technology can enhance your life now and in the near future.

This high-tech, high-touch experience is brought to life by the magic of Disney storytelling and the imaginations of leading technology companies, including HP, Microsoft, and Life|ware. Home builder Taylor Morrison helped design the 5,000+ square foot home for the fictional Elias family - who come to draw you inside.

That's when the 'immersion' begins. As you interact with 'family' cast members and experience the technologies they use in their daily lives, you realize how simple and fun it can be to seamlessly connect with the people, places and entertainment in your everyday life.

Livin' the digital lifestyle with HP

Many HP innovations and products power the home and help create the family's connected digital lifestyle. The most compelling can be witnessed in the kitchen, dining room and party tent as the family celebrates son Robbie Elias' trip to the World Soccer Championship in China.

In the kitchen …

This fully connected kitchen has appliances and products that actually 'talk' to one another. At the hub of the kitchen is the HP TouchSmart PC, easily accessible to all the family on the kitchen island.

View of HP's grid
HP TouchSmart IQ500 series PC with keyboard, mouse & remote
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This touch-enabled PC uses a natural, intuitive interface as a fun, engaging way for the family to organize and schedule calendars and simplify daily household activities. It's also a way that "Lillian," the voice-enabled family cookbook, helps the family prepare meals

As Lillian displays recipe selections on the HP TouchSmart PC, Mom browses dinner ideas by region, preparation time and other options, like healthy and kid-friendly eats, with the touch of a finger. She chooses bruschetta as the TouchSmart PC plays Bocelli.

Sharing information with the connected pantry and refrigerator, Lillian alerts Mom that she's out of garlic. But she's not out of luck! She uses her HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger to text her neighbor Lisa for the key ingredient.(1)

View of HP's grid
HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger with leather case
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Waiting for Lisa's response, Mom takes a second to juggle family schedules. She puts an RFID-connected flyer for her daughter's piano recital on the bulletin board. It syncs up with the HP TouchSmart to update everyone's calendars, then sends out invitations as Mom receives Lisa's text message, offering garlic AND mouthwash.

As the brushetta cooks, Mom can join the party, knowing her oven will send a text message when it's done.

In the dining room …

Microsoft® Surface™, an interactive tabletop computer with multi-touch capabilities, turns the dining room table into a place to create art, assemble video jigsaw puzzles and display photos and videos.

When Dad enters the room, he sets his HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger on Microsoft Surface, where it can wirelessly connect to the Surface PCs to transfer and quickly displays photos.(1) (A special RFID chip embedded in the iPAQ makes it work!)(2) Encouraging guests to join in, Dad moves the photos across the Surface with his hand, enlarging, separating and stacking them, dragging them into a desktop folder or back to the iPAQ. He even sends them to HP Photo Gallery Picture Frames on the wall and to the HP MediaSmart TV, (1) which displays them on its high-definition 47-inch diagonal screen.(3)

In the backyard 'party tent' …

Join the celebration and take the latest HP technology for a spin, from next-generation TouchSmart PCs … to entertainment notebooks and MediaSmart TVs … to the ultra cool and luxurious Blackbird 002 desktop PC. It's an experience you'll find hard to forget, and there's no need to: Much of the HP technology showcased there can be yours today.

(1) Internet access required and sold separately.
(2) HP iPAQ 510 Voice Messenger customized with RFID-enablement for Disney Innoventions Home only. Not available for sale with this feature.
(3) High-definition (HD) content is required to view HD images.

© 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

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View enlarged image
The HP TouchSmart PC, shown here in the kitchen, is just one of the HP products in The Innoventions Dream Home that help create the family’s connected digital lifestyle.
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HP technology in the Disney Innoventions Dream Home
» HP TouchSmart PC
» HP Blackbird 002 desktop
» HP Pavilion HDX Entertainment Notebook
» HP SL4778N 47-inch MediaSmart TV
» HP MediaSmart Server EX475
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