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HP calculators for back to school

Smart answers to tough problems for pupils large and small

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by Susan Twombly, August 2008

If you’re the parent of a grade schooler or a near graduate or you’re preparing to teach a class of your own, you should know that HP has a full line of financial, scientific and graphing calculators that can help start the school year with a stroke of genius.

So, before your students get stumped, see what HP has in store to help them tackle the toughest problems with speed and ease.

For students

College: Figure these into your future

The new HP 20b Business Consultant financial calculator is ideal for students and professionals. Its modern design, intuitive layout and new high-speed CPU makes it stylish, fast and easy to learn and use.

It features a large, two-line display accommodating up to 12 digits and a choice of time-saving Reverse Polish Notation (RPN),(1) hierarchical or traditional chain algebraic data entry.

HP 20b Business Consultant
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The HP 50g Graphing Calculator is a powerful, flexible calculator designed for math, science and engineering applications.

Students can confidently tackle problems with 2.5MB total memory(2) and use the available SD card slot(3) to transfer data and expand memory. They can view calculations on a large, high-contrast display, choose between data-entry modes (RPN, algebraic and textbook) and work efficiently with a large equation library and 2300+ built-in functions.

High school and middle school: Solve more simply

A great graphing tool for math and science, the HP 39gs Graphing Calculator is simple to use and displays answers on its large screen in symbolic, numeric and graphing views.  Students and teachers can save their work as documents and share them wirelessly(4) to get all students on the same page at once.

HP 39gs Graphing Calculator
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The HP 40gs Graphing Calculator is compatible with the HP 39gs, plus it has a full  Computer Algebra System (CAS) to perform symbolic operations. The interactive CAS editor lets students write expressions as they appear in text books. The editor also keeps track of all expressions entered and provides one-button access to them.

Middle school and elementary school: Start smart

The simple-to-use HP 10s Scientific Calculator can go with students as their challenges grow. Its large easy-to-read, two-

HP 10s Scientific Calculator
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line, 10-character LCD display makes viewing entries, results, menus and prompts easy. Runs on a standard battery or solar power.

For teachers

The HP 39gs Graphing Calculator Classroom Kit for Middle Grades provides teachers with the tools and training to engage and motivate middle-school students.

This all-in-one kit includes calculators, carrying case, training, teaching tools and a three-day teacher workshop. Provides important tools to help students succeed in algebra and helps prepare them for eighth-grade state assessments.

HP StreamSmart 400
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HP StreamSmart 400 is a four-port data collector that helps math and science students visualize experiment results in real time. Just plug it into the HP 39gs or 40gs calculator and a probe or sensor and start streaming data at up to 5,700 samples per second.(5)

HP StreamSmart is part of the new HP Mobile Calculating Lab solution for middle and high school math and science classes. It also includes an HP 39gs or 40gs graphing calculator, a variety of Fourier(6) scientific sensors and probes, calculator presentation software and classroom instruction materials.

The sensors capture physical data – like temperature, light or sound. Then, StreamSmart translates the probe signals into numerical data and displays it graphically on the calculator screen at speeds up to 5,700 samples per second. As a result, students can better visualize concepts and their impact on the real world, such as industrial run-off into a water supply.

Multiply the reasons

Whether you parent pupils or teach them, you can count on the power, speed and reliability of HP calculators and educational tools to help your star students quickly plow through the toughest problems. Add some to your back-to-school list today! 

(1) Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) is an efficient data-entry system that can significantly reduce keystrokes.
(2) 350KB RAM and 700KB Flash ROM available to the user. A PC with an Internet connection is required for downloads.
(3) Secure digital (SD) card must be purchased separately.
(4) Wireless access point required and is not included.
(5) Rate based on one port in use. Rates may vary based on number and type of sensor.
(6) Information on Fourier probes and sensors can be found at:
(7) Available in U.S. only.

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