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New HP Blade PCs: The cutting edge of remote client computing

Centralized computing for you. A desktop experience for them.

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man and woman in datacenter
by Susan Twombly, June 2007

Whether it's meeting security, compliance and business continuity challenges, or the needs of offshore and remote workers, HP's Consolidated Client Infrastructure — based on HP Blade PCs — can help you better manage your distributed desktop environment as the workforce and workspace continues to evolve.

In a Blade PC solution, the CPU, memory and hard disks — typically found in a desktop PC — are split across blade PCs and redundant storage devices in a highly secure, centralized data center. Users tap into these resources from virtually any location via a simple access device, and can receive a true desktop experience — consistent with the PC experience they've come to know.

Now, HP-developed Remote Graphics Software improves the user experience, while two HP Blade PCs do more to help you decrease risks, increase uptime and control costs.

Delivering a true desktop experience

While users want the latest and greatest technology, they really don't want it to change their basic, familiar computing experience. And they want that experience to stay the same no matter where they are.

That's the advantage of HP Blade PCs: You can have the benefits of a centralized solution and keep users happy at the same time. Further, with the new Remote Graphics Software, users get a full desktop experience, plus more of the features they want, like improved graphics and streaming video.

HP BladeSystem bc2500 Blade PC
The high-performance HP BladeSystem bc2500 Blade PC provides the best HP blade PC desktop performance.
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Users can access their blade PC from virtually any location in the world with network connectivity and an access device that has HP Remote Graphics Software or Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. A dedicated blade PC is allocated to each active user at log-in. The next time they log in, the experience is the same and remains consistent regardless of where they log in from.

With HP Blade PCs, recovery from a PC failure takes just minutes. Business continues as users simply log back on and automatically connect to a new blade PC, and without IT intervention. And, because data is redirected off the blade PC to networked storage in the data center, you can reduce the risk of lost files and data, keeping users more productive.

Make data more secure

HP BladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC
The HP BladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC combines desktop performance with the highest rack density at the lowest power consumption.
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Today, strict regulations around controlling access to, storing and protecting data exist across commercial, government and public sectors alike.

With an HP Blade PC solution, all user data is stored on centralized network storage in the data center (not on the desktop), so you can reduce IT risks associated with a traditional desktop environment — such as lost or stolen data, physical theft, malfeasance, viruses and non-compliance of software licensing.

Centralized storage also helps you maintain proper privacy controls around customer and employee data to assist with compliance with numerous regulations, while providing greater disaster tolerance and business continuity.

Management tasks are easier, too. With centralized control over data, you can quickly install security patches, easily prove compliance for all software licenses, and establish procedures to ensure correct and consistent version control.

Stay agile

An HP Blade PC solution creates a centralized pool of resources that can be adapted to respond to business change. Users stay agile as they access their PC and data while traveling, working remotely, offshore or onsite. IT stays agile by having the flexibility to reallocate PC resources by simply "dragging and dropping" blade PCs into a different user group.

Easy in your data center

Designed with efficient data center operations in mind, HP Blade PC solutions allow you to easily provision and update PCs, leverage standard data center tools and operational procedures, and consume minimum floor space and power. To keep up with fluctuations in workforce or customer demands, devices inside and outside the data center can be managed from a central console, leveraging server management tools that may already be familiar to your IT staff: HP's Rapid Deployment Pack and System Insight Manager.

Stretch IT dollars

HP's Blade PC solution can make the most of IT dollars. Centralizing PC and data resources reduces desk-side support, and lowers maintenance costs. Standardizing on a blade PC platform can also streamline procurement, deployment and provisioning for greater operational efficiencies. Dynamic allocation of blade PC resources improves utilization of data center assets, leveraging more value from IT resources.

Be more power efficient

You can also reduce total power consumption with HP Blade PCs in the data center and HP Thin Clients at the desktop, thanks to low-voltage processors and efficient power distribution used in HP Blade PCs. Optimized airflow also works to keep data centers cool. In combination with HP Thin Clients, HP Blade PC deployments use less energy than traditional desktop PCs.

Centralize and simplify

Now you can provide end users with a true desktop experience, without the need for them to be tethered to a desktop. With HP Blade PCs, you can you gain the benefits of a centralized desktop environment — increased security, agility, business continuity and cost control — as the workforce and workspace continues to change.

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HP Remote Client Solutions

HP Blade PCs are part of the HP Remote Client Solutions portfolio, the broadest in the industry.

Choose from a vast array of remote client technologies to meet end user needs across the enterprise — from light users to processor- and graphic-intensive users and the highest volume of "productivity" users in-between.

Now you can begin to expand and multiply the benefits of centralization to meet the broad needs of end users, while you enhance security and help reduce TCO.

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