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HP Compaq dx2000 Business Desktop PC Series

Practical computing for essential productivity

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by Susan Twombly, April 2007

What's a practical business desktop PC? One that offers essential features and functions at more affordable prices. Easy-to-use technology for out-of-the-box productivity. Proven reliability you can count on. And a range of options to fit your specific business needs.

That's just how we describe the HP Compaq dx2000 Business Desktop PC Series. We designed the series to meet the basic computing needs of a small office — like word processing, spreadsheets, Internet browsing and email.

There are two different models within the series to choose from. The new HP Compaq dx2300 Business Desktop PC offers the latest Intel Core 2 Duo(1) technology. The HP Compaq dx2250 Business Desktop PC, announced last fall, offers the latest from AMD, including AMD's Cool n' Quiet technology.

No matter which you choose, each is backed by legendary HP quality and support designed specifically for small business. So, you can have the practical computing you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

A more affordable, reliable business-class PC

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Small businesses now have their own personal "welcome room" on the Small Business Connection website.

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The HP Compaq dx2000 Business Desktop PC Series offers a range of flexible price points that can be ideal for small businesses and their tight budgets. For example, you can buy the dx2250 Business Desktop PC with AMD's Cool n' Quiet technology directly from HP online starting at just $359.00.(2) (Reseller prices may vary.)

When you choose the dx2000 Business Desktop PC Series, you not only get affordable business-class PCs, you get PCs that bear the HP name — a trusted name in PC computing. That means you can be confident that they've been built with industry-standard components designed to withstand the rigors of everyday business computing.

It also means they've been tested and qualified to deliver the reliable performance and long-term dependability that can help reduce maintenance costs over the long-haul.

Easy to get started and be productive

The dx2000 Business Desktop PC Series is designed to get you up and running quickly. A microtower design fits easily into most work spaces. You can also order business applications pre-installed, which makes it easier and faster to unpack your PCs and get to work.

There's no more need to climb under your desk to transfer files, thanks to front access USB 2.0 ports. Audio ports for headphones and such are conveniently located at the front and back for greater flexibility.

This PC series is also easy to upgrade with a large and varied range of certified and off-the-shelf PC components. For example, all PCs in this series feature integrated graphics to meet most business requirements. For more graphic-intensive applications or an enhanced multi-media experience, they also support graphics upgrades.

Easy to reflect your business

PCs within the dx2000 Business Desktop Series come in a wide selection of pre-configured options. Or you can configure them yourself to suit your business. In addition to choosing from the most popular chip technology, you can choose from the latest operating systems from Microsoft, including Windows XP or Windows Vista.(3)

It's easy to create the computing experience that's right for your business with a wide range of HP accessories, displays and services.

HP Total Care for small businesses
See what HP Total Care offers to meet the specific needs of small business, like 0% financing(4) and other special offers!

» Options and accessories
» HP PCs and energy efficiency: HP has the industry's first PCs to meet ENERGY STAR 4.0 Hardware Requirements. Read the release
» Recycle, trade in or donate PCs
  • Choose the optional media reader to transfer data directly from a variety of media types — like the flash memory cards from your digital camera — without the hassle of hooking cables between your devices and your PC.

  • If you're constantly on the run between appointments, put relevant files on a memory stick that slides on your key ring or a neck chain for fast, easy storage.

  • Boost desktop PC security by adding a biometric fingerprint reader to protect your business data from unauthorized use. Or add a Kensington Lock onto the PC to guard against theft.

  • Opt for an HP monitor with height-adjustment, tilt and swivel features that can make work more comfortable

  • Want to go wireless? Choose a wireless printer and PC Adapter with Bluetooth Wireless technology to connect to Bluetooth- ready devices via a USB 2.0 port on your printer or PC.

  • Do you provide your customers with CDs or DVDs? Want to personalize them to reflect your business? Then order LightScribe Technology, which lets you burn labels directly onto CDs or DVDs the same way you burn your data.(5)

HP Total Care support now for small businesses

HP Total Care for Small Businesses, available in the United States, includes a range of free and fee-based support, services and programs to provide you with personalized services every step of the way — from choosing, using and protecting your PCs to recycling them.

You can also choose the way you get assistance, via the web or the phone, from HP or your local HP partner or retailer.

So, when you buy a PC in the dx2000 Business Desktop Series, you can get more than just a great PC, you can get great PC support from a company you can trust.

Get practical

Why pay for or deal with technology you may not even need? Get the essentials you want, the price you can afford and the quality you can count on with the HP Compaq dx2000 Business Desktop PC Series — for more practical ways to go about your work, so you can go about your business.

(1)  Dual Core is a new technology designed to improve performance of multithreaded software products and hardware-aware multitasking operating systems and may require appropriate operating system software for full benefit. Not all customer or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology.

64-bit computing on Intel architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers and applications enabled for Intel® 64 architecture. Processors will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel 64 architecture-enabled BIOS. Performance will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations. See for more information
(2)  Estimated U.S. HP price. Actual prices from other locations or websites may vary.
(3)  Certain Windows Vista product features require advanced or additional hardware. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor can help you determine which features of Windows Vista will run on your computer. To download the tool, visit For Windows Vista system requirements, visit
(4)  0% lease rate offer valid through April 30, 2007 on qualifying lease transactions with a total transaction amount greater than $25,000 U.S. Dollars with a 27-month lease term. Offer good on all HP products. Implicit lease rate, assuming lessee does not exercise a fair market value purchase option at the end of the lease term and timely returns the leased equipment to Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company (HPFSC) at the end of the lease term and disregarding any charges payable by lessee other than rent payments (such as taxes, fees and shipping charges).

Lease products available through HPFSC to qualified commercial, education and state and local government customers in the U.S. and Canada and subject to credit approval and execution of standard HPFSC documentation. Other restrictions may apply. HPFSC reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notice.
(5)  LightScribe creates a monochrome image. LightScribe media required and sold separately.

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The HP Compaq dx2300 Microtower Business PC
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The HP Compaq dx2250 Microtower Business PC
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