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Maximize Security and Manageability with HP Business Desktop PCs
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desktop PCs
by Susan Twombly, Feb. 2007

Escalating PC management and support costs, security worries and ever-present business change can weigh heavy on your mind and budget.

Now you can rest a bit easier with the HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop family, available with optional Intel® vPro™ technology.

The HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop family includes HP's most secure and manageable business desktop PCs. By adding Intel® vPro™ technology to the configuration, you can have one of the most powerful solutions for desktop PC security and manageability on the market today.

When you factor in the latest high-performance technologies, longer lifecycles, consistent reliability and 24x7 support, it's easy to see why the HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop family is ready to take on the demands of your business.

HP's most secure business desktop PC

HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop PCs deliver the greatest depth and breadth of security tools and features you can find across the HP business desktop line.

Multi-layered security protection at the hardware, firmware, operating system and software levels helps safeguard your business' physical and intellectual assets with powerful technologies and features for greater peace of mind.

HP ProtectTools Security Manager. Standard on all HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop PCs, ProtectTools provides a single sign-on for users. It also delivers a single interface for you to manage client security — from user credentials to encryption settings — so you can focus on your business, not worry about it.

RAID 1 configuration. RAID configurations (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) feature dual hard drives that automatically store data simultaneously on both as you work. If one drive fails, you can have immediate access to data.

HP Backup and Recovery Manager. With a pre-set snapshot feature, this tool lets you easily roll back PCs to an earlier state, if necessary.

DriveLock. Help protect assets from theft or tampering in open office environments. An option on HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop PCs, DriveLock provides advanced password protection to help prevent unauthorized access to data stored on internal hard drives. Without the correct password, the hard drive will not function.

In addition, solenoid locks enable you to detect intrusion and secure the PC hood remotely.

Intel® vPro™ technology security features. Buying HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop PCs with optional Intel® vPro™ technology can help your business work smarter and safer. For example, protecting PCs across your company can become easier and faster with proactive deployment of critical patches. You can also check and enforce PC compliance to help ensure each PC adheres to your IT policies before allowing them onto your network. Further, you can quarantine infected PCs from the network to prevent the spread of a virus or other malicious code.

Proactive, automated PC management

Available on HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktops, these solutions can help you manage your PC assets more effectively to increase productivity and get more out of your investments.

Leverage the latest PC technologies

The HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop series supports the latest technologies from HP and industry leaders, which can help you:

· Run more open programs simultaneously with the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor.(2)
· Improve user productivity and reduce management costs with Windows Vista™.(3)
· Enhance your Voice over IP (VoIP) experience with multi-streaming and noise reduction technologies.
· Increase reliability and performance with HP's thermal design — improving air flow to protect PCs from excessive heat.
· Reduce energy consumption with new optional power supplies that deliver 80 percent more efficiency.

HP Client Management Solutions. Simplify management across the total PC lifecycle with HP Client Management Solutions to help reduce cost, complexity and service disruptions.

Now you can proactively track PCs, respond to alerts, make BIOS changes and update software remotely. You can even automate PC identification and inventory or initialize the latest embedded security.

The ability to do all these things proactively (out of crisis mode) can significantly reduce downtime and the need for desk-side PC maintenance.

Automated processes — image deployment and migration, software distribution and security patch management — can also speed management tasks and increase productive time for both you and end users.

Intel® vPro™ technology management features. With optional Intel® vPro™ technology, you can simplify PC management even further. For example, you can reduce expensive on-site maintenance visits with the ability to remotely boot, diagnose and restore PCs. And you can do so even when the PC isn't powered on or able to boot up. It just needs to be plugged in and connected to the network.

Stability amidst change

A common software image across the HP Compaq dc7700 series reduces test time and support costs by allowing you to deploy an image developed on one platform to all platforms within the series.

For a more stable and longer lifecycle, HP maintains consistent hardware components and a single software image within the HP Compaq dc7700 family for a minimum of 15 months, so there are fewer changes for you to manage. With HP's Global series SKU program, one part number lets you order, deploy and manage a consistent configuration and software image across the world, which can reduce procurement and management costs.

Worry less, focus more

With HP's most secure and manageable business desktop PC family, you can worry less about your IT investments and focus more on achieving your critical business goals. Find out what the HP Compaq dc7700 family can help your business achieve today.

(1) The HP dc7700p PC is enabled for Intel® vPro™ technology. Some functionality of this technology, such as Intel Active and Intel Virtualization Technology, requires additional third-party software in order to run. Availability of future 'virtual appliance' applications for Intel vPro technology is dependent on third-party software providers. Compatibility of this generation of Intel vPro technology-based hardware with future 'virtual appliance' applications and Microsoft Windows Vista™ operating system is TBD.
(2) Dual Core is a new technology designed to improve performance of multi-threaded software products and hardware-aware, multi-tasking operating systems and may require appropriate operating system software for full benefit. Check with software provider to determine suitability.

Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. 64-bit computing on Intel architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers and applications enabled for Intel® 64 architecture. Processors will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel 64 architecture-enabled BIOS. Performance will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations. See for more information.

Certain Windows Vista™ product features require advanced or additional hardware. See getready/hardwarereqs.mspx and windowsvista/getready/capable.mspx for details. Windows Vista™ Upgrade Advisor can help you determine which features of Windows Vista™ will run on your computer. To download the tool, visit:


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Boost PC security and manageability with Intel® vPro™ technology

HP is one of the first vendors to offer PCs that support the Intel® vPro™ professional business platform(1) — bringing new and exciting features to widely dispersed, managed PC environments for a better return on IT investments.

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Three ways to power your business

The HP Compaq dc7700 Business Desktop series is available in three different form factors:

View of Convertible minitower
Convertible minitower. Easily converts from a minitower to a desktop. Great expandability and performance options.
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» View enlarged image

View of Small form factor
Small form factor. Up to two-thirds the size of the convertible minitower, this PC combines a small size with expandability features.
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» View enlarged image

View of Ultra-slim desktop
Ultra-slim desktop. Up to 77 percent smaller than the convertible minitower model.
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» View enlarged image

Use the Ultra-slim desktop in a tower position or minimize desk space with the HP Integrated Work Center.

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