1.2 million

Approximate number of people HP LIFE has provided training and technology to since 2007


Number of hours HP employees and retirees volunteered in communities worldwide in 2011, valued at nearly $26 million USD1

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We apply the same passion, energy, and culture of innovation that make HP commercially successful to benefit society and make a difference in the world. By using our broad portfolio, technology, and expertise, we can find ways to help tackle some of the world’s major social challenges. But we can’t do it alone. We partner and collaborate with businesses, governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and academics to help develop scalable, sustainable solutions.2

We integrate the values of social innovation into our overall business strategy. Our guiding principles and practices drive economic benefits while improving social and environmental conditions.

We believe that when companies use their core strengths as well as the skills and passions of their employees to address pressing social and environmental challenges, they can make a profound, positive impact on the world.

Gabi Zedlmayer
Vice President, Sustainability and Social Innovation, HP

We apply our knowledge and expertise to make an impact in education, entrepreneurship, and health, and we harness the power of our employees to support communities worldwide. 


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is paramount to solving some of the most pressing global problems in our society. Our objective is to help transform STEM teaching and learning—from secondary education through the university level—and inspire students to use their technical ingenuity and creativity to address urgent social issues. The HP Catalyst Initiative is a global network of educators who explore new approaches to STEM education. By the end of 2012, member organizations estimate that more than 250,000 students around the world will benefit from the Catalyst Initiative by experiencing innovative ways of learning and teaching.


Entrepreneurs drive innovation, create jobs, and fuel economic opportunity—ultimately helping local communities prosper. HP launched the global training program, HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE), to help students, aspiring and established entrepreneurs, and small business owners develop IT and business skills to be successful. Since 2007, HP LIFE has provided approximately 1.2 million people worldwide with training, access to technology, and online activities. 


HP develops innovations that advance electronic and mobile health solutions and strengthen health systems globally. The Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) project, developed in collaboration with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), is one example of HP’s involvement in life-saving innovations. The EID program uses HP technology to automate the HIV testing process for infants, significantly speeding up the reporting of test results from several months to less than 30 days and helping to save lives. In 2011, approximately 65,000 infants were tested in Kenya through EID, and HP expects more than 70,000 tests to be completed in 2012. 

Community engagement and employee giving

We value our communities and encourage our employees to engage in theirs. With manager approval, every employee can use four hours of company time per month to volunteer. In 2011, HP employees and retirees gave more than 744,000 hours to volunteer projects. We also encourage employees to donate money to support local communities and assist in disaster relief efforts. The Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation provides employees in the United States with one-to-one cash matching for gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations, at up to $1,000 USD per employee, per fiscal year.3 Since 2007, HP and employees have donated $30 million USD through the program.

Key metrics:
Social investments
Participation in the HP U.S. Employee Giving Program
Cash and products donated by employees and HP and Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation matched funds

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  1. 1 Value based on type of volunteering: $150 per hour for board, service corp, pro bono, and skill-based; $20 per hour for hands-on. Uncategorized hours are not reflected in this total.
  2. 2 Some of the data reported on social innovation programs in 2011 are based on information provided to HP from partner organizations.
  3. 3 The Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation will match up to $4 million USD in aggregate annually.