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These HP OEM products are sold to other companies for use in their products. For HP inkjet printer supplies MSDSs, go to HP inkjet supplies. On-line access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for several countries and languages is available for the printing supplies listed below. If an MSDS is not available for the country and language you selected, you will be directed to the US/English version of the MSDS for that part number.

MSDS's contain safety information about materials such as physical, chemical and toxicological properties, regulatory information, and recommendations to ensure safe handling.

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Part #Description
4240CLEANERONLY printhead cleaner
51600BREVB black print cartridge
51600CREVB black print cartridge
51600DREVB black print cartridge
51604AREVB black print cartridge
51605BREVB HP Blue Inkjet Print Cartridge Rev B
51605RREVB HP Red Inkjet Print Cartridge Rev B
51624AREVB black print cartridge
B3F20SERIES HP 5010 Black Pigment Printhead
B3F21SERIES HP 4000 Black Pigment Ink Cartridge
B3F22SERIES HP 5010 Black Pigment 10L Ink
B3F23SERIES HP4041 Black Dye Printhead
B3F27SERIES HP4041 Black Dye 10L Ink
B3F36SERIES HP 1918 Black Dye Smart Card Ink Crtg
B3F37SERIES HP Black 2531 Dye Print Cartridge
B3F38SERIES HP 45A 40ml Smart Card Ink Cartridge
B3F44SERIES OEM LWB UV Fluor/Yellow Dye Printhead
B3F45SERIES OEM LWB UV Fluor 69ml Ink Cartridge
B3F58SERIES HP 2580 Black Solvent Ink
B3F62SERIES HP2830 Black Print Cartridge
C1806SERIES HP Designjet CP 410 ml Dye Black Ink System
C1810SERIES Black Print Cartridge
C1811SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
C1817A black print cartridge
C1844C Cyan Ink Cartridge
C1844M Magenta Ink Cartridge
C1844Y Yellow Ink Cartridge
C1845SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C3825SERIES color print cartridge
C3848A None Available
C3848SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C3849SERIES Tri-Color Print Cartridge
C5969SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C5970SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
C5971SERIES Yellow Ink Cartridge
C5972SERIES Magenta Ink Cartridge
C6099SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6100SERIES Tri-Color Print Cartridge
C6102SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6103SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
C6104SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6113SERIES HP 62XL Tri-color Ink Cartridge
C6114A color print cartridge
C6114SERIES Tri-Color Print Cartridge
C6115A None Available
C6115SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6119A black print cartridge
C6119SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6120SERIES UV Fluorescent Red Ink
C6121A UV/IR invisible ink print cartridge
C6122SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6128SERIES Red print cartridge
C6132Series black print cartridge
C6136SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6141SERIES HP 62XL Tri-color Ink Cartridge
C6160Series HP 60, 121, 300 818 Tri-color Ink Cartridge
C6161SERIES Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
C6163SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6164SERIES Tri-Color Print Cartridge
C6168A red print cartridge
C6168SERIES Red print cartridge
C6169A green print cartridge
C6169SERIES Green print cartridge
C6170SERIES Blue print cartridge
C6171SERIES color print cartridge
C6172SERIES Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
C6173SERIES Yellow print cartridge
C6193SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6194SERIES Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
C6195SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6602A black print cartridge
C6602B blue print cartridge
C6602G green print cartridge
C6602R red print cartridge
C6602S black print cartridge
C6619SERIES Tri-Color Print Cartridge
C6620SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
C6641SERIES Color Print Cartridge
C6649SERIES Color Print Cartridge
C8828ACLEANERONLY Printhead Cleaner
C8828SERIES Black printhead
C8829A color printhead
C8829SERIES Cyan printhead
C8830A color printhead
C8830SERIES Magenta printhead
C8831A color printhead
C8831SERIES Yellow printhead
C8832SERIES Black ink supply
C8833A color ink supply
C8833SERIES Cyan ink supply
C8834A color ink supply
C8834SERIES Magenta ink supply
C8835A color ink supply
C8835SERIES Yellow ink supply
C8842SERIES Black Print Cartridge
C8857SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
C8858SERIES Photo print cartridge
C9381-30003 black and yellow pigment printhead
C9382-30003 Cyan and Magenta Printhead
CB881A blue print cartridge
CB888SERIES OEM Generic 97 Tri-Color Print Cartridge
CB890SERIES black ink cartridge
CB891SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
CB892SERIES magenta ink cartridge
CB893SERIES yellow ink cartridge
CB915SERIES black printhead
CB916SERIES Black Ink Supply
CB917SERIES black printhead
CB918SERIES black ink supply
CB949SERIES Cyan printhead
CB950SERIES Magenta printhead
CB951SERIES Yellow printhead
CB953SERIES Cyan ink cartridge
CB954SERIES Magenta Ink Cartridge
CB955SERIES Yellow Ink Cartridge
CB960SERIES black printhead
CB961SERIES OEM 20ml Red UV Fluorescent Print Cartridge
CB962A red print cartridge
CB962SERIES Red print cartridge
CB973SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CB974SERIES HP 900 Tri-color Print Cartridge
CC602SERIES HP 2820 Magenta Print cartridge
CG311SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
CG312SERIES magenta ink cartridge
CG313SERIES yellow ink cartridge
CG316SERIES black/yellow printhead
CG317SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CG324SERIES Red Printhead
CG325SERIES OEM Fluorescent Red Printhead
CG326SERIES OEM Blue Printhead
CG328SERIES Red Ink Cartridge
CG329SERIES OEM Small Fluorescent Red Ink Cartridge
CG330SERIES OEM Small Blue Ink Cartridge
CG331SERIES OEM Extra Large Black Ink Cartridge
CG332SERIES Large Red Ink Cartridge
CG333SERIES OEM Large Fluorescent Red Ink Cartridge
CG334SERIES OEM Large Blue Ink Cartridge
CG340SERIES OEM cyan and magenta printhead
CG341SERIES OEM yellow and black printhead
CG342SERIES Black Printhead
CG344SERIES OEM magenta ink
CG345SERIES OEM Yellow Ink Cartridge
CG346SERIES Black Print Cartridge
CG347SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CG353SERIES HP 2560 Pigment Print Cartridge
CG354SERIES OEM Black printhead
CG355SERIES OEM Cyan printhead
CG356SERIES OEM Magenta printhead
CG357SERIES OEM Yellow printhead
CG359SERIES OEM Black Ink Cartridge
CG360SERIES OEM Cyan Ink Cartridge
CG361SERIES OEM Magenta Ink Cartridge
CG362SERIES OEM Yellow Ink Cartridge
CG371SERIES OEM Black/Yellow Printhead, 64 Pack
CG372SERIES OEM Cyan/Magenta Printhead, 64-pack
CG375SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
CG376SERIES Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
CG377ACLEANERONLY printhead cleaner
CG377SERIES OEM Black and Yellow Printhead, 350 ml Cartridge, 10-pack
CG378SERIES HP Black 2531 Dye Print Cartridge
CG379A OEM Medium Red Ink Cartridge
CG380SERIES OEM Medium Fluorescent Red Ink Cartridge
CG390SERIES OEM Cricut Tri-color Ink Cartridge
CG391SERIES OEM Black printhead
CG400SERIES OEM Non-Fluorescent red 20ml ink cartridge
CG401SERIES OEM 2242 Blue Pigment Cartridge
CQ842SERIES Blue Print Cartridge
CQ849SERIES OEM Durable Black 40ml print cartridge
CQ858SERIES OEM Black Printhead
CQ859SERIES Cyan printhead
CQ860SERIES Magenta printhead
CQ861SERIES Yellow printhead
CQ862SERIES OEM Black Ink Cartridge
CQ863SERIES OEM Cyan Ink Cartridge
CQ864SERIES OEM Magenta Ink Cartridge
CQ865SERIES OEM Yellow Ink Cartridge
CQ866SERIES OEM 9505 Black 40ml Ink Cartridge
CV083SERIES OEM VB2531 in 40 mL Cartridges
CV084SERIES OEM VB2531 in 350 mL Mirage bulk supplies
CV089SERIES OEM Durable Black Printhead and Connector
CV090SERIES OEM Durable Black 350ml Ink Cartridge
CV091A OEM 9010 Black Ink
CV092SERIES OEM APS Non Flo Red 40ml Ink Cartridge
CV093SERIES OEM APS Spot Blue 42ml Ink Cartridge
CV094A OEM APS Ver Black 40ml Ink Cartridge
CV095A OEM APS 1918 40ml Ink Cartridge
CV096SERIES OEM APS 2531 42ml Ink Cartridge
CV098SERIES OEM 4500 Black 680ml Ink Cartridge
CV099SERIES Black 1918 Dye
CV103SERIES HP 4030 Cyan Dye 10L Ink (box and pallet)
CV104SERIES HP 4030 Magenta Dye 10L Ink (box and pallet)
CV105SERIES HP 4030 Yellow Dye 10L Ink (box and pallet)
CV107SERIES HP 4030 Cyan Dye 200L Ink (pallet)
CV108SERIES HP Magenta Dye 200L Ink (pallet)
CV109SERIES HP 4030 Yellow Dye 200L Ink (pallet)
CV113SERIES OEM 4040 Black Ink Cartridge
CV114SERIES HP 4040 Black Dye 10L Ink
CV115SERIES HP 4040 Black Dye 200L Ink
CV117SERIES OEM 4040 Black Printhead
CV119SERIES HP2570 Black Solvent Ink
CV120SERIES HP4500 Black Printhead w/Connector Assy
CV123SERIES Black/Yellow Printhead
CV124SERIES Magenta/Cyan Printhead
CV125SERIES Cyan Ink Cartridge
CV126SERIES Magenta Ink Cartridge
CV127SERIES Yellow Ink Cartridge
CV128SERIES OEM Generic 58A Photo Ink Cartridge
F0L23SERIES OEM 2531 45a Black Private Label 40ml Ink Cartridge
F0L30SERIES OEM Black HP 950 XL Primera Cartridge
F0L31SERIES OEM Cyan HP 951 XL Primera Cartridge
F0L32SERIES OEM Magenta HP 951 XL Primera Cartridge
F0L33SERIES OEM Yellow HP 951 XL Primera Cartridge
F0L35SERIES HP2830 Black Print Cartridge
F0L36SERIES HP Vers Blk 40ml Smart Card Ink Crtg
F0L61SERIES Black Solvent HP 2580
F0L63SERIES HP Black 2580 Solvent Bulk
F0L69SERIES HP Black 2520 40 ml smart card ink cartridge
F0L75SERIES OEM HP 63 Black Ink Cartridge
F0L76SERIES OEM HP 63 Tricolor Ink Cartridge
F0L95SERIES HP 2510 Black Pigment Smart Card Ink Cartridge
Q2267SERIES Tri-Color Print Cartridge
Q2320SERIES Black Printhead
Q2321SERIES Black Ink Supply
Q2322SERIES Blue printhead
Q2323SERIES Blue ink supply
Q2324SERIES OEM Printhead Fluorescent Red
Q2325SERIES OEM Ink Supply Fluorescent Red 175cc
Q2343SERIES Photo print cartridge
Q2344SERIES Black Print Cartridge
Q2352SERIES OEM Printhead Low Fill Fluorescent Red
Q2353A blue print cartridge
Q2354A blue print cartridge
Q2355A UV red ink supply
Q2356A blue ink supply
Q2357SERIES OEM Red TIJ 2.5 Printhead
Q2358SERIES OEM 350 Red
Q2379SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
Q2380SERIES Tri-color Print Cartridge
Q2381A blue ink supply
Q2382A blue printhead
Q2389A black printhead
Q2389ACLEANERONLY Printhead Cleaner
Q2390A black ink supply
Q2392SERIES HP 2560 Pigment Print Cartridge
Q7456SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
Q7457SERIES Black Ink Cartridge
Q7458A OEM 45 Red Inkjet Printhead
Q7459A fluorescent red printhead
Q7460A blue printhead
Q7467SERIES HP 2560 Pigment Bulk Print Head
Q7468SERIES HP 2560 Pigment Bulk Ink Supply 350ml
Q7485SERIES Print Cartridge
Q7486SERIES HP 2800 Black Print Cartridge