Environmental profile:


On-line environmental profiles available for HP Enterprise are listed here. To view or print the PDF files below, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is a free plug-in. You can download the latest version or download a version with accessibility features .

Part #DescriptionDate of Profile
A5624A/AZ, A5625A/AZ, A5667A/AZ, A3724A/AZ, A4839A/AZ, A6534A Fiber Channel I/O Products 11/2014
J4097B ProCurve Switch 408 11/2014
J4812A ProCurve Switch 2512 11/2014
J4813A ProCurve Switch 2524 11/2014
J4817A ProCurve Switch 2312 11/2014
J4818A ProCurve Switch 2324 11/2014
J4861A ProCurve Switch 4108gl Bundle 11/2014
J4868A ProCurve Switch 2124 11/2014
Other Servers
A5182A, A5183A, A6109A/B, A5570A/B, A4904A, A3578A, A3577A, A4903A.... Enterprise Servers, 9000 Unix Servers (A, D, K, L, N, R & V Class, SuperDome) 11/2014
A6093A, A6144B, A6752A, A6889A, A6890A Enterprise Servers rp 24xx, rp4400, rp 54xx, rp 74xx, rp 84xx 11/2014
A6474A, A6743C, A6781A, A6716A, A6713A, A6849A, A6818A Enterprise Servers - Blade Server Products (bh7800, bc1100 & other blades) 11/2014
A6837A, A6838A, A6866A, A6870A, A6873A, A 6924A, A6961A, A6962A, A6964A, A7026A, A9901A Enterprise Servers rx 1600, rx 2600, rx4640, rx 5670, rx 7620, rx 8620, Integrity Superdome 11/2014
A6870A, A6873A, AB216A Enterprise Servers cx 2600 11/2014
P4516A Server Appliance 7100 (E-commerce Server Accelerator) 11/2014
P4517A, P4518A Server Appliance 7120/7150 (E-commerce Server Accelerator) 11/2014
P4519A, P4520A, P4522A, P4523A Server Appliance 7200/7220/8220/8250 11/2014
P4521A, P4524A Server Appliance 8200/9200 11/2014
P4526A Server Appliance 3110 (VPN Server Appliance) 11/2014
P4528A Server Appliance 3150 (VPN Server Appliance) 11/2014
P4530A, P4532A Server Appliance 3500/3450 (VPN Server Appliance) 11/2014
P4533A, P4534A Server Appliance 1100/1120 Internet Hosting Appliance 11/2014
Servers-NT or Windows
A6068A, A6068B, A7215A/B, A7216A/B, A7232A/R, A7233A/R, A7263A, A7266A, A7266A, A7264A, A7265A, A7265A, A7267A, A7774A, A7775A, A8034A/AR, A8036A/AR, A8037A/AR X4000 Personal Workstations 11/2014
A7218A, A7218B, A7223B, A7224A, A7224B, A7230A, A7236A, A7236B, A7237A, A7238A, A7282A, A7773A, A7805A, A7862A, A7820A, A7821A X2000 & X2100 Personal Workstations (NT) 11/2014
D8232AV, D8234AV, D9428AV, D9429AV NetServer lh3000 11/2014
D9190B, D9191BV, D9192B, D9193BV, D9194B, D9195BV NetServer lh6000 11/2014
D9408A, D9409A, D9411A NetServer e800 11/2014
LP1000R NetServer lp1000r 11/2014
LP2000R NetServer lp2000r 11/2014
P1230A, P1765A, P3453A NetServer lxr8500 11/2014
P1756B/BV, P1758B/BV, P1821B/BV NetServer lt6000r 11/2014
P1802B, P1803BV, P2478B/BV, P2480BV, P1804B NetServer lc2000 11/2014
P5529A, P3505A, P3537A, P3539A, P3545A, P3547A.... Servers tc2110, tc3100, tc4100, tc6100, tc7100, rc7100 11/2014
A5597A SurestoreTape Library 20/700 11/2014
A5675A/AD/AZ, A5676A/AD, A5616A/AZ, A5272, A5294, A5236A, A5921A, A5951A, A5965A, A5965U, A5701C, A5709A/B, A5701A Disk Array System 11/2014
A6203A Surestore Virtual Array 7100/7400 11/2014
C1114M Surestore 9100mx Optical Disk Drive 11/2014