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Many of today's global environmental challenges are the result of unsustainable levels of production, consumption and development around the world. At HP, we believe that environmentally sustainable development is not an option, but an imperative. HP works toward a sustainable future by developing programs that reduce our environmental footprint, as well as those of our customers and partners. Our vision is to develop products and solutions, and operate our business in such a way that we eventually make a positive impact on the environment, and lead global businesses toward a sustainable future.

product innovation

As a manufacturer, our most significant environmental opportunity will be through the design, production and use of our products. We began our Design-for-Environment program in 1992 with the goal of minimizing the environmental impact of HP products throughout their lifecycle. Today, we have a network of "product stewards" who work across our product teams to design and produce environmentally sustainable products. We also engage in:

    Materials innovation. In an effort to do more with less material, HP is innovating new ways to "dematerialize" our products and packaging. Additionally, we pursue ways to "design in" materials that are biodegradable or can be recycled. We are ranking the types and quantities of materials used in our products in terms of environmental impact, and are working to systematically replace certain materials with better alternatives.

    Energy efficiency. HP is working to improve the energy efficiency of our products, using technology to develop energy-efficient solutions across our product lines. We offer many products that comply with globally recognized eco-labels such as ENERGY STAR, TCO and Blue Angel.

    End-of-life solutions. In addition to providing return and recycling services for our products, HP offers pickup, transport, evaluation and recycling services for hardware products from any manufacturer. These programs, available in many countries, create reliable streams of recycled materials, keep hardware out of landfills, and will eventually enable closed-loop manufacturing processes.

environmentally sound operations

HP was one of the first global businesses to implement a comprehensive environmental management system (EMS). HP's EMS drives performance in all facets of our operations. Our management team is committed to improving our environmental performance, and, to that end, has created systems and audit processes to ensure that our facilities and operations incorporate waste minimization, energy conservation and recycling programs. HP was also one of the first businesses to achieve a company-wide ISO14001 certification for our worldwide manufacturing operations.

As a global manufacturer of many products, we manage a complex supply chain that includes contracted production partners. We are establishing systems that ensure our suppliers and contractors adhere to a high standard of environmental performance. This starts with a clear code of conduct, and includes adhering to extensive environmental specifications for our products.

Our strategy is threefold:

  • To increase resource efficiency throughout the entire product lifecycle, through our Design-for-Environment program
  • To develop and promote innovative technologies that leverage renewable resources
  • To develop new business models that deliver greater value to customers while minimizing environmental impact.

new models of engagement

In addition to focusing on our own products and operations, we believe that, as a global technology company, we can contribute to sustainable development around the world by engaging with third parties in new ways. To that end, we are:

    Providing a foundation for environmentally sound practices. Many of our customers are other businesses. We help them meet their own environmental goals by providing takeback and recycling services, managed print services and environmentally sound products.

    Defining new collaboration models in developing countries. We believe technology can help developing countries potentially avoid some of the environmental degradation caused in the past by unmanaged development. Our e-Inclusion initiatives provide a new model for engaging with communities to create locally appropriate technology solutions that help countries develop economically, in culturally and environmentally sustainable ways.

    Forging new partnerships. In addition to engaging with governments and the private sector, we are focused on building new kinds of partnerships with NGOs, communities and other stakeholders to move our industry and others toward sustainability.

    Inventing for a sustainable world. As a leader in corporate citizenship, HP has a responsibility to deliver technologies, products and services that minimize not only our environmental footprint, but also those of our customers. As a leader in sustainable development, we recognize our unique opportunity to develop innovative technologies that can contribute solutions to the global environmental challenges we all face.

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