Products and solutions

Life cycle assessment goals

2011 Establish an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committee working group for a commercial printing carbon footprint standard.

Progress: HP participated in the working group; the proposed standard will be up for a vote during 2012.
  Conduct life cycle assessments (LCAs) on numerous products across our imaging and printing portfolio.

Progress: HP completed 32 LCAs on HP LaserJet products as well as an LCA comparing a digital photo album with an album of printed photos.
  Conduct pilot studies and training of the Product Environment Metrics tool for HP large-format, commercial, and industrial printing solutions.

Progress: HP completed the training, but conducted no pilot studies due to changing project priorities.
  Communicate life cycle assessment carbon footprint methodology or Product Attribute to Impact Algorithm (PAIA) results for notebooks.

Progress: HP collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create a draft PAIA tool for notebooks. We will release the PAIA tool once pertinent component data has been vetted, and anticipate publishing PCF values for new notebooks beginning in 2012.
2012 Calculate and disclose PCF values using the PAIA tool for new HP notebook, desktop, and
monitor products.
  Complete life cycle assessments on 20 additional HP LaserJet printers, one HP scanner, and one book vs. e-reader.
  Work with competitors to establish product category rules for printers.