Privacy goals

2011 Deploy a clear, simplified privacy notice to improve transparency.

Progress: We introduced quick links to make our online privacy policy easier to navigate and read.
Mandate the company-wide use of the HP Privacy Advisor tool to improve compliance.

Progress: HP Privacy Advisor has been implemented companywide.
  Address high-risk areas identified by the Privacy and Data Protection Board (PDPB) through the
integration of HP's Privacy Assurance audit capabilities.

Progress: Four priority areas identified by the PDPB have been addressed through our Privacy Assurance program, Privacy by Design, and HP Privacy Advisor.
  Obtain HP Internal Audit certification for the Privacy Assurance program.

Progress: Achieved.
2012 Continue to participate in key privacy initiatives to expand external thought leadership and drive next-generation policies and practices, working with regulators, nongovernmental organizations, and industry. Our aim is to advance new concepts of accountability and to further develop meaningful choice and protection for consumers that also allows companies to innovate.
Participate in the international implementation of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross-Border Privacy Rules.
  Integrate current HP Records Management team into the HP Privacy Office to create a Privacy and Information Management organization.