Social innovation

Social investments10

HP addresses critical social needs through a powerful union of innovation and collaboration, measuring our progress by the positive impact of our programs. Although many benefits of our social innovation programs cannot be measured purely in terms of dollars spent or products and services donated, we understand the importance of tracking and reporting our financial investments. The total value of our social investments, including contributions from HP's business units for social projects, was approximately $51.5 million USD in 2011.

Social investments10 [$ million USD]
$23.3 $24.9 $21.1 $27.3 $20.3
Products and services11
$26.5 $27.5 $35.0 $17.7 $31.2
$49.8 $52.5 $56.1 $44.9 $51.5
  1. 10 Data excludes contributions to the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation and employee donations, but includes HP's matching contributions and contributions from the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation to other organizations. Prior to 2010, HP did not report contributions from the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation to other organizations as a part of this data. All years represented in this chart have been updated to reflect these contributions. Some segments do not add up to total due to rounding.
  2. 11 Product donations are valued at the Internet list price. This is the price a customer would have paid to purchase the equipment through the HP direct sales channel on the Internet at the time the grant was processed.