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GHG emissions from product manufacturing (estimated)1

To provide context for the data we report on first-tier supplier GHG emissions, we also report the percentage of our overall spending on first-tier suppliers that the data represents. Each year since 2007, that percentage has increased.

GHG emissions from product manufacturing (estimated)1
Aggregate first-tier suppliers Scope 1 and 2 emissions [tonnes CO2e]
3,500,000 4,100,000 3,500,000 4,800,000  
Coverage [percentage of first-tier supplier spend captured]
81% 86% 91% 95%  
  1. 1 Refers to first-tier suppliers for manufacturing, materials, and components. Emissions are estimated based on suppliers' dollar volume of HP business compared with their total revenue. The majority of these companies report on a calendar year basis. 2010 is the most recent year data is available.