We realize that many readers seek assurance that the information we provide on this site is an accurate and complete reflection of our performance. Our approach combines external verification of selected content, other forms of external review, and assessment by HP's internal audit group.

External verification

We provide external verification for information in three focus areas:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions In addition to an internal review, we commission independent auditor Bureau Veritas Certification to verify our global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measurements and annual reporting under the GHG measurement and reporting protocols of the World Resources Institute and World Economic Forum. Learn more.
  • Product reuse and recycling In 2010, HP completed its third round of reuse and recycling vendor audits under its expanded program guidelines. Our third-party auditing firm, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), assessed 12 reuse and 25 recycling vendors in 17 countries. Learn more.
  • Supply chain responsibility HP engages third-party audit firms, including ERM and Verité, to conduct verification audits of our suppliers, including suppliers associated with a specific allegation in non-governmental organization reports. Learn more.

Other external reviews

As part of HP's global ISO 14001 and site OHSAS 18001 registrations, we are assessed by independent, accredited auditors, including Bureau Veritas Certification and BSi Management Systems.

Internal Audit

HP Internal Audit assesses risk and evaluates control environments for, but not limited to, financial transactions and reporting, systems security, and process flows. However, compliance and ethics, privacy, and environment, health, and safety may be evaluated, depending on the nature of the operation being audited.

In addition, qualified HP professionals conduct internal audits of the environmental, health, and safety management systems at our operations, and we report the results to senior management.