Switching to renewable energy sources, in concert with energy-efficiency improvements, can reduce HP's contribution to climate change.

We purchased approximately 311 million kWh of renewable energy worldwide in 2010—more than twice the amount in 2009 and equivalent to over 8% of the overall electricity use in our facilities. This includes energy generated on-site and the renewable energy credits (RECs) we buy as part of electricity contracts in the United States. This is in addition to the renewable energy available by default in the power grid, and achieves our goal for 2012 ahead of time.

We are committed to maintaining the proportion of renewables in our energy mix through 2012. To do so, we are securing renewable energy contracts, exploring opportunities with providers of wind and solar power, and participating in green energy programs.

The following table includes renewable energy initiatives underway in 2010.

We met 100% of our facility energy needs in the country with wind power throughout 2010.
Israel We are expanding the photovoltaic solar power system that provides energy for the HP Indigo digital press facility at Kiryat Gat by 100kW. We expect this will bring its annual power generation capacity to 250,000 kWh by the end of 2011.
Three sites in Guadalajara have solar water heaters for use in kitchens and restrooms. This project is expected to decrease the sites' use of electricity and gas by around 240,000 kWh annually.
United Kingdom
By the end of 2010, we upgraded our energy contracts for all major facilities (excluding small leased facilities) to source 100% renewable energy (primarily from wind). During the year, this equaled 88,000 MWh of electricity.
United States

Palo Alto, California—At HP Labs' research facility in Palo Alto, we launched a new rooftop solar power system that is expected to generate around 206,000 kWh of energy annually and avoid the emission of nearly 150 tonnes of CO2e.

San Diego, California—SunPower Corporation generates solar energy at HP's San Diego facility. Over 6,250 solar panels produce 1.7 million kWh per year, meeting over 10% of the facility's energy needs and reducing carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by more than 550 tonnes annually.

Austin, Texas—We have contracted an energy provider to supply one of our Austin data centers with 19 million kWh of wind power annually for 20 years, equivalent to 20% of that center's current energy needs.

Houston, Texas—An on-site photovoltaic solar power system at our new Houston data center generates nearly 280,000 kWh of electricity annually. (Read more about this data center's sustainable design.)

Unfortunately, one planned solar power project—in Grenoble, France—was put on hold by energy providers in 2010 due to changes in government incentive programs.

See detail about renewable energy purchasing in the data dashboard.