Circuit Simulation Suite
HP Advantage: High speed chip-to-chip signal modeling and simulation
Mobile devices continue to shrink while frequencies increase, making signal integrity even more important in the modeling and simulation of new devices. The High Performance Computing group at HP has developed a high-speed, chip-to-chip signal integrity modeling and simulation software tool that uses novel mathematical and statistical methods. The software provides a simulation speed increase of up to 1000 times over current exhaustive methods-without sacrificing accuracy.

Forecast Prediction
HP Advantage: Removes bias from forecasting process for more thoughtful predictions
HP's powerful web-based tool uses proprietary algorithms to tap into the collective wisdom of employees. The software removes the bias and hierarchy from the forecasting process and drives participants to make more thoughtful and independent predictions. This has enabled forecasts that were, on average (in a study), 27 percent closer to the actual result than the polling group, and 17 percent closer to the actual result than the top five experts.

Incident Categorization and Analysis
HP Advantage: Highly automated text mining, classification and quantification
An end-to-end software solution, that minimizes the up-front work (human cost) by offering increased automation in machine learning and provides more accurate identification and quantification of categories and trends in large unstructured textual data sets.

HP Advantage: Design, play and share location-based experiences
Software suite that enables people to design, play, and share location-based experiences, games, and tours. The toolkit allows people to associate physical locations with digital media, such as video, music, images, and text. Users equipped with a GPS-enabled mobile device running the Mscape player can move through the physical world, triggering media in response to physical events such as location, proximity, time, and movement.

Mobile Imaging Technology
HP Advantage: A complete, customized image solution for camera phones
A complete customized imaging solution for camera phones that enables consumer digital still camera quality in a low cost camera phone. This is a full solution from capture (exposure, etc) to post processing (creative effects and corrections).

Supply Chain Risk Management
HP Advantage: Measures and manages supply chain risk
A scenario-based forecasting and inventory optimization software that measures and manages supply chain risk to support strategic decision making. It is comprised of modules that quantify forecast uncertainty, provide cost-effective inventory levels, and optimize contract portfolios. SCRM has been broadly utilized across HP's products and has led to over $400M in cost savings.