Nano alignment
HP Advantage: Alignment at the micro and nano level
Nanotechnology is a booming industry in everything from semiconductors to energy. One of its challenges is the difficulty of aligning such tiny structures with each other. HP's alignment and displacement measurement technology works at the micro level, as well as the nano level, using only standard optical instruments and needing no valuable chip real estate for special alignment marks or patterns.

Transparent transistors
HP Advantage: Created using amorphous multi-component oxides
The rapid evolution of the field of transparent electronics may hold the key to new industries and many new, more effective or less costly consumer products. Uses could range from transparent displays in the windshield of an automobile to cell phones, televisions, copiers, "smart" glass, or even games and toys. Transparent transistors can be created using new materials called amorphous heavy-metal cation multi-component oxides. The electronic capabilities of these materials compare with organic and polymer materials that are the basis of millions of dollars of research development each year.