Display Technology


Flexible display backplanes
HP Advantage: Offers lower cost and more rugged, flexible display
Displays are everywhere. The trend is cheaper and more rugged displays for everything from notebook PCs to PDAs to phones. HP has developed a technology for manufacturing display backplanes on plastic that produces a flexible display that is designed for electrophoretic frontplanes. Displays produced with this technology achieve a lower cost as well as a more rugged, flexible display.

Projector Stitching and Super Resolution
HP Advantage: State-of-the-art processing with automatic calibration
Large displays are an integral part of the consumer viewing experience. Producing large images, with high resolution or unique aspect ratios, has traditionally required expensive, large projection systems. Often these projectors have to balance resolution and brightness while managing complex optics. HP's technology couples state-of-the-art image processing with automatic calibration for the best possible image in the widest range of display environments.