Computer Technology


Digital Pen and Paper
HP Advantage: Enables a wide range of writing applications
HP's technology portfolio encompasses several fundamental aspects of digital pen and paper solutions. The technologies span the spectrum from stroke capture through forms management. These building blocks enable a wide range of applications from early learning products for children through sophisticated writing instruments for executives. This portfolio includes technologies in the following areas:

  • Forms and forms automation
  • Paper patterning
  • System architecture
  • Electronic clipboard

Chip Spray Cooling
HP Advantage: Offers increased thermal transfer efficiency
Heat sink replacement technology using a jet to spray coolant on chip hot spots with the potential for increased heat transfer efficiency. Solution is believed to be cost competitive and comparable in size to existing heat sinks, while offering increased thermal transfer efficiency (~5kW/cm2). It is also capable of being fully sealed such that coolant cycles through the phases, from liquid to gas and back again, with no coolant loss over the product lifetime.

Memory Spot
HP Advantage: Reduced size allows it to be placed virtually anywhere
Memory Spot is a small, wireless memory IC (about half the size of a grain of rice), which can be used to store and retrieve digital content such as video, audio files, or documents. Because the IC does not require a battery, it can be placed virtually anywhere - on a CD to store music samples, on a movie poster to retrieve a movie trailer, or on a hospital wrist band to store patient information. A reader can be embedded in a mobile phone, PDA, or laptop.