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HP at the AARP Life@50+ Event


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Older woman turned around looking at older man, HP TouchSmart PC on counter.

Every seven seconds, someone somewhere turns 50. There are nearly 90 million adults who are 50+ in America today, and 37 million are AARP members. At the AARP Life@50+ event in Orlando September 30 – October 2, 2010, this dynamic, powerful group learned about technology solutions and tips from HP.

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Many members of this fast-growing group of baby boomers and beyond attended the AARP Orland@50+ Event. Information about products and services that matter most to this group and their lifestyle is on this page.

SeniorPC offerings from HP and Microsoft

SeniorPCs are HP computers that come equipped with user-friendly software specifically geared to senior living. The novice user will find a simplified way to perform tasks like sending and receiving e-mail, writing documents with word processing, and managing important things like prescriptions, finances, travel planning and photos. There are even word games and number games for keeping the puzzle skills sharp. There are several SeniorPC packages from which to choose. The standard package includes what seniors want most in a PC. The device runs on Windows Vista Home Premium, and comes with Microsoft Works Suite 8, games, prescription management software, and more. The autopilot package has all the features of the standard package, plus additional tools for seniors with little or no computer experience who want to use e-mail, access the Internet, and create letters and files. For either package, the software programs are all preinstalled, so all you have to do is plug in the PC and turn it on. The PC can be either a desktop or a notebook computer; select HP models are available. Each SeniorPC also comes with an HP color printer. Optional installation and support from GeekSquad may be available in your area.

For more details, see the SeniorPC page

The HP Printing Mailbox with Presto Service

The HP Printing Mailbox with Presto Service is designed for people who do not use a computer or are not online at all. It allows a person to receive printed messages that friends and family members send via their normal e-mail service. The Presto Service converts the e-mail and photo attachments into easy-to-read color printouts that are automatically delivered to the HP Printing Mailbox on a daily schedule, just like letters. The recipient just scoops the printouts from the paper tray to read the messages and look at the photos. The solution uses a customized HP inkjet printer that is designed with low maintenance needs for the novice user. The printer isn’t connected to a computer; rather, it has a phone jack that plugs into a regular telephone line. The HP Printing Mailbox with Presto Service doesn’t interfere with home phone service, so it can be ready to accept printed messages at any time. Because there’s no keyboard or screen, the recipient can’t respond to messages, but he or she can stay in touch with loved ones who send notes and photos. The HP Printing Mailbox with Presto Service makes an ideal gift for a parent or grandparent that you want to keep in touch with. The specialized printer plugs into an electrical outlet and a regular phone jack. Subscription to the Presto Service is available on either a monthly or annual basis.

For more details, see the Presto Web site.


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