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 Benefits of Leasing

Leasing enables you to focus your capital budgets and lines of credit on essential investments, while providing a means to refresh computing technology that will help your business grow. HP Financial Services can help you:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership - Start with a lease customised to your specific financial and technological needs. Add leased asset tracking services and integrated administrative processes to reduce lifecycle management costs.
  • Investment Protection - Avoid the risks and balance sheet issues of ownership and upgrade your equipment or add on new technology during the lease term.
  • Conserve Capital - Leasing means no down payment and no required compensating balances
  • Preserve Existing Credit Lines - Leasing gives you a new source of credit for present and future needs
  • 100%Financing - Leasing lets you finance the entire cost of your technology acquisition, including equipment, software and soft costs
  • Tax Advantages - You may be able to either write off monthly payments as an operating expense or capitalise the outlay
  • Budgeting Advantages - Leasing guarantees you a fixed monthly payment for the length of the lease term
  • Financial Asset Management - Web-enabled leased asset tracking offers customised data capture and reporting.
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