HP FutureSmart and OXP


HP FutureSmart web-enabled firmware is built into every newly released HP LaserJet Enterprise Printer1 to ensure your fleet can change with the times.

See HP FutureSmart in action.

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HP FutureSmart

Discover how OXP and HP FutureSmart technologies in HP’s printers and MFPs, protect your investment by expanding functionality, improving usability and simplifying management.

This suite of apps, tools and programs was designed to help you use your HP products to work smarter and faster every day

Full Of Features, Including Some That Don't Exist Yet.

HP FutureSmart-enabled LaserJet printers and MFPs have the latest features and functions including Image Preview, Quick Sets, and more. Also, FutureSmart helps you protect your investment by keeping printers and MFPs up to date with the latest features as they're released.

When it comes to sensitive, confidential or classified documents, HP Security Solutions have your back

Easy To Manage.

Until now, updating device firmware has been time-consuming and labour intensive. IT has had to download and then individually install the specific firmware updates for each printer or MFP platform. With HP FutureSmart, IT can install updates in a single firmware release. That means one download, one installation, and it's pushed out to the entire FutureSmart device fleet. Job done!

HP innovation and leadership are raising the bar for the environmental performance of printing

Easy To Use.

With an HP FutureSmart-enabled fleet, office staff will be more productive because there will be a single user experience across all devices. With a common interface, learning to use a function on one machine means learning to use that function on all machines, even across different printer/MFP platforms – making life simpler, increasing user satisfaction and boosting productivity.

* Except where noted, all prices are estimated U.S. HP prices. Actual prices from other locations or websites may vary.

1 Web-connected firmware requires an Internet connection.