Take advantage of industry-leading and easy-to-use-and-follow wizards to set up built-in workflow features like Save-To-Folder and Scan-To-Email.

Watch the LaserJet MFP Wizard Console Demo

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The Save-To-Folder Quick Set Wizard helps you create destination folders

Cut Down On Clutter

No more paper cuts, heavy lifting or missing papers! Now you can file your documents digitally for easy storage and retrieval. The Save-To-Folder Quick Set Wizard makes it easy by guiding you through the configuration of your default scanning device and settings, and helping you create destination folders.

Some MFPs include the Scan-To-Email Quick Set Wizard to help you manage your favourites

Cut To The Chase

Avoid wasting resources and time. Reach your clients, vendors, and even co-workers more efficiently by scanning and sending PDFs to email.1 The Scan-To-Email Default Setup Wizard enables you to link your MFP to your email server and set up default email settings like name, address, subject and message text. Some MFPs also include the Scan-To-Email Quick Set Wizard to help you manage your favourites.

By ditching the paper and going digital, you not only save the environment, you also save on printing, mailing and storage costs

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

Scan and send directly from your device to save on supplies, storage and postage costs. Saving on unnecessary supplies means more money in your wallet for the rest of your business. And, reducing unnecessary paper, energy and toner consumption is also good for the environment.

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