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  • All courses are available on the public schedule and as dedicated sessions for your organization - Call 800-HPCLASS (800-472-5277) to order dedicated sessions
  • Forget the travel! These courses are all available via VILT - HP's live, virtual, instructor-led environment.

HP Security Courses
Core Security Courses
HL945S Information Security Essentials Schedule
HL946S New Information Security Essentials Plus Schedule
HL949S New Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) Schedule
HL947S New Information Security Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning Schedule
H1L09S CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Foundation (V3.1) Schedule
H1L10S CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Plus (V3.1) Schedule
Fortify Courses
H7H01S New Dynamic Application Testing with HP Schedule
H7H02S New Fortify Foundations Schedule
ArcSight Courses
H7G89S New ArcSight ESM Security Analyst (AESA) Schedule
H7G90S New Building Security Use Cases with ArcSight ESM Content Schedule
H7G91S New Creating Advanced ESM Content for Security Use Cases Schedule
H7G92S New ArcSight ESM 6 Administrator SkillSet Update (AEIA) Schedule
H7G93S New ArcSight ESM Administrator Schedule
H7G94S New ArcSight Advanced Administration Schedule
H7G95S New ArcSight Logger Administration & Operations Schedule
H7G96S New ArcSight SmartConnector Foundations & Tool Kits Schedule
H7G97S New ArcSight Express 5.0 [Oracle] Administration and Operations Schedule
H7G98S New ArcSight FlexConnector Configuration Schedule
H7G99S New ArcSight Enterprise Security Solutions Architecture Schedule
H7H00S New ArcSight Express 4.0, CORR-Engine Administration and Operations Schedule
H7H38S New ArcSight Logger Administration and Operations Schedule
H7H39S New ArcSight Connector Appliance Administration and Operations Schedule

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