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Project Management and Business Analysis Take Center Stage


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Why use simulations?

From golf to heavy equipment operation to IT management, instructors and students alike consistently praise the superior learning results of simulation-based training. Put simply, nothing beats getting instant, relevant feedback from a subject matter expert - while enjoying the freedom of working in a high-pressure, zero-risk setting!

A Project Management simulation?

HP has already brought you our engaging, high-energy ITIL® simulation, helping hundreds of IT organizations like yours successfully implement the people side of their challenging IT Service Management transformations.

And HP has done it again, this time with our HP Race to Results Project Management Simulation. Want to see it in action? Click here to view a 6-minute video capture of an actual delivery and participant commentary.

So, how can you and your organization or enterprise benefit from HP Race to Results PM?

Are you leading one or more project teams that need a solid awareness of project management basics?

Our 1-day simulation course, HP Race to Results Simulation (Project Management Awareness) (HC575S), gives you a very effective way to build a stronger team, anchor a project kickoff event, and raise team members' awareness of how their own decisions can impact project activities, project results, and most importantly, business results.

Are you responsible for driving up your organization's Project Management maturity?

Make your key messages really hit home by delivering them via HP Race to Results PM! You can use the simulation to emphasize many different aspects of project management, such as risk management, cost control, program management, and effective communication. Our 1-day simulation course (HC575S), and 3-day PM fundamentals + simulation course (HC577S) are perfect building blocks for a program tailored to your communication plan.

Are you a new Project Manager?

It's easy to get basic project management training. But only HP brings you a simulation of this caliber, and we include it in our 3-day course Project Management Fundamentals (HC577S). Click here to see our current open enrollment schedule. HP can also deliver this course to your organization as a dedicated session (it's easy to break even if you have six or more new project managers and can use such a session to eliminate travel costs).

Let HP help you win your race to results!

Call us today:

US: 800-472-5277
Canada: 800-563-5089

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