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HP NonStop - Virtual Lab System Requirements

NonStop Virtual Lab Access

HP NonStop Education currently offers a SSL/VPN remote access method into the ATLab. Students attending courses requiring access to the NonStop Virtual Lab (NSVL) environment should test their connectivity to the lab environment prior to the first day of class. Make sure you review the supported operating systems section below to ensure compatibility between your PC and the NonStop Virtual Lab environment.

The SSL/VPN device requires a browser plug-in/Add-on to create the secure tunnel. Administrator rights on your computer are required to install this plug-in. This plug-in is automatically installed after being authorized to install during the login process.

» View a more detailed set of instructions, including screen shots here

NonStop Virtual Lab (NSVL) Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Note: These requirements are for accessing NSVL only. General system requirements for accessing the HP Virtual Room can be found at: https://www.rooms.hp.com/requirements/

Microsoft® Windows OS:
SSL/VPN supports 32-bit version Windows® XP SP3, 32-bit and 64-bit versions Windows® Vista SP2, Windows® 7 SP1, Windows 8 and 8.1 running IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox 21 or Chrome 29.

  • Windows Phone 7, 8 and RT are currently not supported.
  • Only 32-bit browsers are supported.

Special Note only for IE11 Users:
You must add our website URL to the IE11 Compatibility View Settings. To complete this task, go to: Tools (Gear icon in top right corner) and select Compatibility View Settings. From there add the URL: atlab.atc-hp.com Only atc-hp.com will list but this process is necessary in order to use IE11 accessing the ATLab SSL/VPN server.

Trusted Sites

This step is not required but is inserted here as a helpful hint to overcome Firewall issues when accessing the NonStop Education lab. This section adds the NonStop Education lab site to your Trusted Sites in IE.
Follow this process to add https://atlab.atc-hp.com to your Trusted Sites in IE.

  1. Open your IE browser
  2. Click the“Tools” tab
  3. Select “Internet Options” on the bottom of the dropdown menu
  4. Click the “Security” tab
  5. Select “Trusted Sites” in the “Zone to view or change” box
  6. Click on the “Sites” button
  7. In the “Add this website to the zone”,
  8. Enter: https://atlab.atc-hp.com
  9. Click the “Add” button.
  10. Click “Close”
  11. Click “OK” to close Internet Options

Testing Your Connection

Once system requirements are confirmed, login to the NSVL test portal:

  1. Connect to https://atlab.atc-hp.com
    Note: If prompted, click on “click here” to open new session
  2. Enter following information and click “Logon”
    Username: guser
    Password: NONtest21
  3. If this is your first time testing the NSVL, you will see the screen “A new browser component is required” (this is the required browser plug-in referenced above).
    Select the option “Install the new browser component and continue”
  4. At the next prompt: Do you want to run or save InstallerControl_setup.exe from atlab.atc-hp.com? Click RUN
  5. During the logon process, you will receive the following Security Alert Message:
    Website atlab.atc-hp.com is attempting to run a local application. Do you want to allow this operation?
    Click YES to continue. Wait for the logon script to process.
  6. Once connected, you will see a green dot with “Connected” shown just above the Network Access statistics box
  7. To terminate your session, click on the “Logout” button in the upper right corner.

Your actual username and password for the lab portion of the class will be provided by your instructor.

If you are unable to access the test site, please send an email to nsusupport@hpe.com with a subject line: Unable to connect to NonStop Virtual Lab test site. In the email, please provide us with a description of the problem and a contact phone number if we need to call you directly. A screen shot of the error message, etc. is also helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: The NSVL environment (Palo Alto) is separate from other HPVL environments, so all documents and test site links related to HPVL on the HP Education web site do NOT apply to NonStop Virtual Labs. All support questions should be routed through the email address above or the class instructor, do not call the general HP Education help desk for support with NSVL issues.

Questions - email us at nsusupport@hpe.com