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The New Generation of Microsoft Certifications


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There are three series and four credentials in the new generation of Microsoft certifications. To understand the three series Architect series, Professional series and Technology series, click on the box below and you will find relevant information to complete the certification path that is right for you. Once you understand the series you can select the appropriate path, complete the courses and exams, receive your certification and demonstrate your expertise.

ARCHITECT SERIES: The Microsoft Certified Architect program allows companies to easily identify experienced, trusted, IT architects that have completed a rigorous industry-driven peer validation process. PROFESSIONAL SERIES: Professional credentials validate a comprehensive and current set of skills required to be sucessful in the job, providing a reliable indicator of performance. TECHNOLOGY SERIES: Technology Specialist certifications left you target specific Microsoft technologies and gain in-depth skills for working with those technologies. Proven skills across multiple technologiesValidated comprehensive skill set in specific job role

The Technology Series

The Technology Series certifications focus on specific technologies providing professionals a way to prove their in-depth knowledge and expertise. Technology Specialists know Microsoft technology and can demonstrate that through implementation, building, troubleshooting and debugging.

Technology Series certification details:

  • Generally consists of one to three exams
  • Concentrate on a Microsoft product or technology
  • Exclude job-role skills

HP offers courses to prepare you for the following Microsoft Certified Specialist certifications:

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The Professional Series

The Professional Series certifications focus on job skills giving them reliable skills for on-the-job performance. Professionals demonstrate skills such as design, project management, operations management and planning.

Professional Series certification details:

  • Generally consists of one to three exams
  • Require prerequisites form the Technology Series
  • Concentrate on a single job role
  • Require re-certification to maintain active status

HP offers courses to prepare you for the following Microsoft Professional series certification:

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The Architect Series

The Architect Series certification applies to experts in IT architecture. The experts have years of experience as a practicing architect, possess strong technical and managerial skills, and form an elite community. Unlike other industry certifications, this credential was built and is granted by the archit ect community.

The Architect Series certifications will be added as they become available.

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