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HP Education RAIL Technical Requirements

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Features, Advantages and Benefits of training via the HP RAIL method


  • Receive same high-quality HP Education training as our traditional face to face Instructor-led training sessions
  • Utilize our state of the art HP Virtual Rooms live web collaboration tool. Interact in real-time with instructors and fellow students via telephone audio, group chats, forums and Instant Messages. All within the encrypted 256 bit AES firewall friendly connection/environment
  • Experience the same hands-on lab training as our traditional face to face deliveries via the HP Virtual Labs. This is done via an encrypted 128 bit firewall friendly interface
  • Receive the same high-quality printed course materials (manuals) as with our traditional face to face training sessions
  • Interact with and learn from fellow classmates during lecture and lab sessions


  • No travel costs or travel hassles
  • Less time away from family and office
  • Network with other technical professionals from your country/region


  • With no travel/accommodation costs, more technicians are able to attend training on the same training budget
  • Training flexibility. Attend training from any location – home, office, anywhere
  • Don’t lose an entire day’s work as most classes are only 6 hours/day

What is a training session using the HP RAIL delivery method?

At Hewlett-Packard, our RAIL Virtual Delivery classes consist of five indispensable components:

  • HP Virtual Training Room, enabling instructor-led training so you can take RAIL classes wherever you are; your office, your home, anywhere
  • HP Virtual Labs, allowing access to practice labs on our state-of the art HP hardware, using real equipment located remotely to complete lab exercises real-time
  • In addition, our instructors are education experts who provide industry leading education and training for IT professionals
  • Printed Course Materials are shipped directly to you so they arrive several days prior to your scheduled course start date
  • Live audio lecture and interaction with Instructor and fellow classmates during scheduled course delivery hours

What do I need to attend a training session using the HP RAIL delivery method?

  • High-speed internet interface (DSL, Cable Modem or equivalent)
  • Microsoft Windows Platform with one of the following Operating Systems:
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista SP1
  • A supported web browser:
    • Internet Explorer 10.0 / 9.0 / 8.0 / 7.x
    • Firefox 16.x or later
  • Note: ActiveX Controls and VBScript must be enabled
  • Ability to install Active X controls on your PC (Admin rights)
  • A phone line or IP telephone (Skype, PC Phone) for the duration of the course (headset recommended)
  • An interest in high quality training without the travel hassle
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