Guaranteed to Run (GTR) Program

Schedule your training with confidence. No cancellations. No rescheduling.

Make your training plans in advance without worry of cancellation or rescheduling. With the new HP Guaranteed to Run (GTR) Program, you can save time, take advantage of cost savings and gain peace of mind. GTR-designated classes will run on time and in your chosen location—no matter what.*

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Guaranteed to Run classes

HP Guaranteed to Run classes cover a wide range of dates for our most popular courses. Use the links to the right to access course list and current schedules.

Guaranteed to Run sessions are designated 'GTR' in the Notes column of the Course Schedule page.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact your HP Education Consultant, your Authorized HP Reseller, or the HP Customer Registration Center (800-472-5277).

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* HP Education Services will run GTR classes regardless of the number of attendees. This guarantee does not cover cancellations due to circumstances beyond HP's control.