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Operations Management curriculum path

Operations Management

Operations ManagementHG675S - Introduction to the NonStop Cluster I/O Modules (CLIMs) HH675S - Using NonStop Essentials with HP System Insight Manager H6C40S - HP Integrity Nonstop X Server Administration II H6C39S - HP Integrity Nonstop X Server Administration I HH674S - NonStop NS2000/NS2200 Server Administration II HG777S - HP NonStop NB-series Server Administration II Operations Management U8609S - HP Integrity NonStop Operating System Architecture U8617S - NonStop SQL/MX Database Management U4180S - NonStop SQL/MP database management U4186S - NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF) Operations and Management U4176S - HP NonStop TCP/IP System Management U4194S - Pathway System Management for NonStop Systems U4150S - DSM/SCM Operations and Management for HP NonStop Systems U4199S - TACL programming U4195S - Performance Analysis and Tuning for HP NonStop Systems U4196S - Securing NonStop Servers using Safeguard Operations Management U5449S - NonStop S-Series Server Administration Training U4147S - Concepts and Facilities for HP NonStop Systems HH673S - NS2000/NS2200 Server Administration I HG776S - HP NonStop NB-series Server Administration I U5448S - HP NonStop S-series Server Administration I