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Course number U8616S
Length 2 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $1,400
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Course overview

This 2-day course provides the information needed to convert applications to run on the Integrity NonStop systems and the Integrity NonStop BladeSystem. The course starts with an overview of the hardware architectures and then covers program migration information for each of the main languages. Other topics include the debuggers that are available on the new systems including the new Native Inspect debugger, the new linker, the changes to the ETK, the EPE, and the new Code Coverage and Code Profiling tools. Hands-on labs are used at various points to provide reinforcement of the lecture.


  • Concepts and facilities for NonStop Systems (U4147S) and
  • Experience with programming languages


  • System designers
  • Application developers
  • Support personnel

Ways to save

Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Be familiar with the Integrity NonStop servers and the NonStop BladeSystem
  • Describe migration paths
  • Identify changed and discontinued products
  • Convert C/C++, pTAL, and COBOL application programs
  • Describe the eld linker
  • Describe available program debuggers
  • Discuss changes to the Enterprise Toolkit (ETK)
  • Be familiar with NonStop Enterprise Plugins for Eclipse (EPE)
  • Describe the Code Coverage and Code Profiling tools

Next steps

Benefits to you

  • Streamline application migration tasks and increase your productivity by knowing where and how the application needs to be adjusted and being familiar with how to utilize compilation and debugging utilities including the eld linker, Native Inspect, and Enterprise Plugins for Eclipse (EPE)
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience compiling, executing, creating, and debugging multiple source file programs

Course outline

Module 1 - TNS/E Architecture Overview

  • NonStop Advanced Architecture (NSAA)
  • NonStop Multi-core Architecture (NSMA)
  • NonStop Value Architecture (NSVA)
  • Types of libraries
  • Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL)
  • Process execution modes
  • TNS/E process execution environment
  • Changed, unchanged, and discontinued products and features
  • Migration paths

Module 2 - Compilers

  • COBOL, C/C++, pTAL compilers
  • Obsolete compiler directives
  • Changed compiler directives
  • New features
  • File name changes
  • Conditional compilation
  • New Guardian procedure calls
  • Labs: compile COBOL, C/C++, pTAL applications

Module 3 - Linking and Accelerating Applications

  • Linking with eld
  • eld inputs and outputs
  • Linking multi-module programs
  • Creating a DLL
  • Examining an object file with enoft
  • Object Code Accelerator (OCA)
  • Labs: link multiple modules for execution; examine object files; accelerate a non-native application

Module 4 - Debuggers

  • Debugger selection
  • Changes to Visual Inspect
  • Native Inspect
  • Labs: using Native Inspect; using Visual Inspect

Module 5 - Workstation Tools

  • PC-hosted development tools
  • Application Wizard
  • Project properties
  • Multiple platforms support
  • Migrating Enterprise Toolkit (ETK) projects
  • Enterprise Plugins for Eclipse (EPE)
  • Labs: create a TNS/E project; use PC-hosted development tools

Module 6 - Code Profiling Utilities

  • Code Cover utility
  • Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)
  • Labs: Code Coverage tool

Module 7 - Application Migration

  • Migration paths
  • TNS mode
  • TNS/R to TNS/E
  • Preparing programs for migration
  • Misaligned data
  • Migration tasks

Appendix - J06.12

  • IPU - Process Placement
  • IPU Control APIS

Onsite Delivery Equipment Requirements

  • System
    • An Integrity NonStop system running H06.09 or later or a NonStop BladeSystem running J06.03 or later release of the NonStop operating system
  • Software
    • TNS/E native COBOL
    • epTAL
    • TNS/E native C/C++
    • NonStop TS/MP
    • Visual Inspect
    • Enterprise Toolkit (ETK)
    • Enterprise Plugins for Eclipse (EPE)

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