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Web services for HP NonStop server


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Course number U8525S
Length 2 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $1,200
CAD $1,440

Course overview

In this 2-day course you will learn the concepts of Web Services and review its underlying technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. NonStop implementation of SOAP 1.2 — NonStop SOAP 2.4 will be covered. This product set allows you to leverage your existing Pathway server classes, Java classes, or EJBs hosted on NonStop server as a Web service on the internet. Hands-on labs are used at various points to provide reinforcement of the lecture material.


  • Concepts and facilities
  • Knowledge of NonStop TS/MP
  • Knowledge of XML and SOAP
  • Knowledge of Java


  • System designers
  • Application developers
  • Support personnel

Ways to save

Course Objectives

  • Describe Web services
  • Review XML
  • Review SOAP
  • Review WSDL and UDDI
  • Describe NonStop SOAP 2.4
  • Demonstrate six steps to access Pathway serverclass as a Web service

Benefits to you

  • Introduction to Web services
  • Review XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
  • Learn about NonStop SOAP and NonStop SOAP for Java.
  • Demonstrate six steps to access Pathway serverclass as a Web service

Course outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Web Services
    • What are Web services?
    • Why Web services?
    • Web service architecture
    • Web service related technologies
  • Module 2: XML
    • Structure of an XML document
    • Well-formed and valid XML documents
    • DTD
    • XML namespace
    • XML schema
  • Module 3: SOAP
    • Anatomy of a SOAP message
    • SOAP data encoding
    • SOAP/HTTP binding
    • SOAP for RPC
  • Module 4: WSDL and UDDI
    • Web service life cycle
    • WSDL elements
    • WSDL tools
    • UDDI data structure
    • UDDI APIs
    • UDDI registries on the Internet
  • Module 5: NonStop SOAP
    • NonStop SOAP 2.4 Architecture
    • SDL and SDR
    • SOAPAdmin tool and its usages
    • Features of NonStop SOAP 2.4
    • Design-time and run-time tasks
    • Lab exercise:
      • Defining Web services with SDL
      • Accessing Web services locally with XML files
      • Accessing Web services using HTML clients
  • Module 6: Six clicks to access Pathway serverclass as a Web service
    • Demonstration — steps to take to access Pathway serverclass as a Web service.
  • Onsite-delivery equipment requirements
    • OS — A NonStop K- or S-series system running D42/G06 or later release of NonStop operating system software.
    • Hardware — K- or S-series server running D42/G06 or later release of NonStop operating system software.
    • Software
    • DDL
    • NonStop server for Java software
    • Safeguard system
    • NonStop TS/MP
    • NonStop SQL/MP
    • NonStop TMF
    • OSS environment
    • ITPWebServer version 6.0 with IPM ABM or later
    • NonStop server for Java (NSJ) version 1.2.2 (IPM AAG or later)
    • NonStop servlets for JavaServerPages (NSJSP) version 1.0
    • NonStop Enterprise Application Server (EAS) version 1.1 (if you are planning to expose EJBs as a Web service)
    • NonStop XML parser version 3.0, with or without IEEE support, installed
    • NonStop SOAP 2.4
    • NonStop SOAP for Java 1.0

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