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HP StorageWorks XP 2: Business Continuity and Availability


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Course number U8443S
Length 4 days
Delivery method Instructor-led training ( ILT)
Onsite dedicated training ( OST)
Remotely assisted instructional learning ( RAIL)

USD $3,600
CAD $3,960

Course overview

This 4-day advanced XP course builds on introductory XP training and hands-on experience with in-depth training on the more complex software products used with the XP Disk Array Family. Students will understand how to use these products in depth and use them to deliver solutions to real world design questions.


  • HP StorageWorks XP 1: Configuration and Management (H6773S)
  • Understanding of storage technologies and interconnects
  • Working knowledge of connecting storage and mounting file systems on storage devices in HP-UX or Windows 2000
  • Working knowledge of Fibre Channel The following courses can be helpful in meeting the prerequisites:


  • Storage administrators

Course objectives

  • Review the current range of XP Disk Arrays
  • In depth overview of the configuration and data layout in an XP array
  • Configure an XP for use with external storage
  • Understand and use Thin Provisioning to provide virtual capacity to hosts
  • Describe the functionality of Business Copy and Business Copy Snapshot
  • Describe and configure Continuous Access Synchronous, Asynchronous and Journaling
  • Understand the use of Raid Manager with Business copy and Continuous Access
  • Understand the functionality and applicability of AutoLUN for performance management and data migration
  • Describe the use of Performance Control for applying performance strategies to hosts
  • Analyze the behavior of an XP from a performance perspective using Performance Advisor
  • Describe the use of Cache Residency (CacheLUN)
  • Understand how to apply the functionality of CVAE Tiered Storage Manager to data migration
  • Understand the provisioning of virtual disks to multiple operating systems using the CVAE provisioning manager
  • Describe the use of CVAE Replication Monitor in conjunction with Business Copy and Continuous Access

Why education services from HP?

  • More than 80 training locations worldwide
  • Experienced and best-in-the-field HP instructors
  • Hands-on practice
  • Comprehensive student materials
  • Focus on job-specific skills
  • Customized on-site delivery
  • Online instructor-led and self-paced training at http://www.hp.com/learn
  • State-of-the-art classroom facilities

Course outline

XP Array Review

  • XP Disk Array Models
  • XP Frames
  • Controller Arcdhitecture
  • Parity Groups
  • XP RAID Levels
  • HP StorageWorks XP Software Portfolio

XP Array Operations and Design Guidelines

  • XP Array Terminology
  • XP Disk Array Logical View
  • XP Crossbar Architecture
  • CHA or CHiP
  • CSW & Cache Memory
  • DKA or ACP
  • Shared Memory
  • Front end rules of thumb
  • Array Groups, Parity Groups and RAID Levels
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Determine how the array will be used
  • Concatenated RAID Groups to distribute I/O Load
  • XP Disk Array LDEV Interleaving (Striping)
  • Data End-to-End Protection
  • Dynamic Spare Disk
  • Microprocessors Write/Read Performance
  • DKCs, DKUs, B4s, HDUs and HDD numbering

Performance Analysis

  • Gather data
  • The I/O chain
  • Type of I/O suffering
  • Write, read, and Latency problems
  • Fixing problems
  • Case studies

External storage XP

  • External Storage Concepts and Functionality
  • Supported External Storage Devices
  • External LUN - Specifications
  • CLPR use with External Storage XP
  • External Storage Path Modes
  • Data Migration using External Storage
  • External Storage XP Best Practices
  • Powering Off Disk Arrays

HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning

  • What is Thin Provisioning XP?
  • THP operation sequence
  • THP pools
  • THP usage with other Program Products
  • THP BC usage details
  • THP usage with partitioning
  • THP DMT reads and writes
  • THP performance

Cache Residency (formerly CacheLUN)

  • Cache Residency XP overview
  • Cache Residency Modes
  • Cache Residency Size Calculations

Performance Monitor

  • Data collection
  • Viewing collected data
  • Performance Monitor Export Tool
  • Data export

Performance Control

  • Performance Control XP overview
  • Applying Port and WWN Thresholds
  • Performance Control Export Tool


  • Auto LUN XP
  • AutoLUN Migration
  • AutoLUN and LUSE Reserve Source and Target Volumes
  • AutoLUN Monitor and Estimate Functions
  • AutoLUN Automatic Migrations
  • AutoLUN Preset - User Defined Intervals
  • AutoLUN Attribute
  • AutoLUN Manual Migration Steps

Business Copy & Business Copy Snapshot

  • Business Copy and Business Copy Snapshot XP overviews
  • Comparison of Snapshot and Business Copy
  • XP Business Copy Operations and States
  • Business Copy XP & Snapshot XP Full copy vs. Snapshot
  • Raid Manager for SnapShot XP
  • Restore
  • Snapshot Maintenance Operations
  • Combining Snapshot XP with Auto LUN XP and LUN Security XP Extension

Raid Manager for BC

  • Raid Manager XP
  • Creating configuring and using horcm#.conf files
  • RAID manager commands
  • Using RAID Manager to manage Business Copy and Continuous Access pairs, Manual AutoLun Migrations


  • Requirements and components
  • Comparison of Snapshot and Business Copy
  • Snapshot specifications
  • Snapshot user interface summary
  • General setup operations
  • Raid Manager for SnapShot XP
  • Snapshot Maintenance Operations
  • Continuous Access

  • Continuous Access Synchronous, Asynchronous and Journaling Overviews
  • Continuous Access Operations and States
  • Using and configuring each type of Continuous Access
  • Using Raid Manager and Continuous Access
  • Raid Manager for CA

  • Instance Configuration File
  • Mirror Unit (MU) descriptors
  • Consistency Groups
  • Pair commands
  • LUN and Volume Management

  • Open-V Install CV
  • Formatting Volumes
  • Deleting a Volume
  • LUN Manager Review
  • Host Groups
  • LUNs
  • Command Devices
  • Perfomance Analysis Discussion

  • Analysis using PA reports
  • Performance scenarios using captured data

  • U8443S E.00
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