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HP-UX Resource Management: WLM & PRM


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At a glance

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Course number U5447S
Length RAIL delivery 3 days
OST delivery 3 days
Delivery method* Remotely assisted instructional learning (RAIL)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,100
CAD $2,310
*Courses are supported in the delivery formats above, but are not necessarily scheduled in every delivery format listed. Please click the schedule links at the top of the page to see which delivery formats are currently scheduled.

Course overview

This course covers the installation, configuration, monitoring, and management of Workload Manager (WLM) and Process Resource Manager (PRM), key components of an adaptive infrastructure. Class participants will reinforce the lecture theory with a series of hands-on exercises. The 3-day course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on labs using HP servers.


  • HP-UX System and Network Administration I & II (H3064S & H3065S) or equivalent experience.
  • HP-UX System and Network Administration for Experienced UNIX® System Administrators (H5875S) or
  • Equivalent experience


Experienced HP-UX system administrators, systems engineers, and technical support representatives.

Ways to save

Benefits to you

  • Dynamically assign system resources to meet application demand
  • Optimize your system resource utilization
  • Prioritize the assignment of system resources to help meet SLAs and users' expectations
  • Ensure your critical applications receive the resources required
  • Ensure maximum utilization of your current hardware to achieve a greater ROI

Next Steps

HP Integrity Cell-Based Server Administration (U5075S)

Course outline

  • HP Process Resource Manager (PRM) introduction:
    • What PRM is
    • What is needed to run PRM
    • Overview of PRM commands
    • How to obtain and install PRM
  • PRM concepts:
    • Resource managers and their records
    • PRM configuration files
    • PRM groups
    • PRM and HP-UX scheduling
  • Using PRM:
    • Plan, create and customize your PRM configuration
    • Load your configuration and enable resource managers
    • Set memory and application resource manager polling intervals Automate PRM
    • Automate PRM management with scripts
    • Configure and protect PRM across system (re)boots
    • Use wildcards/alternate names in configurations
    • Using application and user records together
    • Using netgroups in user records
    • Monitor PRM
    • Release a PRM configuration lock
    • Reconstruct a PRM configuration
  • PRM GUI interfaces:
    • Using PRM with HP SMH
    • Using PRM with HP SIM
  • Products integrated with PRM
    • PRM and GlancePlus
    • PRM and ServiceGuard
    • Using PRM with HP integrity Virtual Machines
    • Integrating with Openview Performance Manager
    • PRM SNMP agent process
    • OpenView SNMP clients
  • WLM Overview
    • What is workload management?
    • What is WLM?
    • How WLM works
    • WLM features
    • Requirements for WLM
    • Compatible software
    • Obtaining WLM
  • Using WLM in a Single OS Instance
    • WLM configuration file basics
    • wlmd command
    • Setting up auditing
  • Getting started with WLM:
    • Learn set up initial configuration using the Configuration Wizard Using wlmd to enable WLM Running WLM in passive mode Using wlminfo command to monitor WLM
  • Using WLM on a Partitionable System
    • Host-based partition management
    • Resource partition management
    • Using WLM with HP Integrity Virtual Machines
  • Nested Partitioning and TiCAP
    • Nested partition management
    • Temporary capacity
  • Advanced Topic - WLM Configuration File Syntax
    • WLM integration with other products
  • Advanced Topic - WLM
    • Using the configuration wizard
    • Creating, editing, and monitoring WLM configurations through WLM GUI
  • Troubleshooting WLM
    • Useful utilities
    • WLM's log files
    • Common encountered problems
    • How to report problems
    • Where to find other information
  • Troubleshooting PRM
    • Learn common ways to troubleshoot PRM
    • How to report a problem
    • Where to go for more information

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