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Managing HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array


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Course number U4879S
Length 5 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $4,500
CAD $4,950

Special note

A high level overview of Continuous Access (remote replication) and the EVAPerf performance monitoring tool is covered as well.

Course overview

This 5-day course combines theory and practical labs to teach users how to manage the HP Enterprise Virtual Array. The hardware, concepts and terminology are covered in-depth followed by configuration tasks which include Command View EVA, Local Replication using Business Copy EVA with Snapshots, Snapclones and Mirrorclones, Replication Solutions Manager for Business Copy, Multi-path management with HP MPIO DSM on Windows, native multi-pathing on HP-UX 11iv3, command line/scripting with SSSU, Upgrading controller and disk drive firmware. Information on next generation EVA is also provided.


  • SAN and Storage Technologies training/experience
  • Operating System Administration training/experience
  • SAN Fundamentals (U5527aae)
  • HP Accelerated SAN Essentials (U4235S)


System and Storage administrators responsible for the configuration and day-to-day management of the Enterprise Virtual Array EVA environment.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the features of the EVA solution family.
  • Identify and describe the features and functions of the HSV controllers and disk drive enclosures
  • Describe the various EVA models and initial setup procedures
  • Define the basic terminology and concepts associated with the EVA architecture and storage virtualization
  • Describe and perform storage system configuration activities with Command View EVA
  • Describe the EVA local replication capabilities and concepts
  • Describe the concepts and capabilities of Business Copy EVA
  • Describe the concepts and capabilities of Continuous Access EVA (at a high-level)
  • Describe and perform the installation and configuration of Replication Solutions Manager GUI and agents
  • Describe how to use the Storage System Scripting Utility
  • Understand how to monitor and manage the EVA via logs and tools

Benefits to you

This 5-day theory and lab-based course explores the technology of the Enterprise Virtual Array focusing on configuration and management. The product concepts and terminology are initially presented to ensure a grasp of the key elements of the array. The configuration is then performed through the Command View GUI. More detailed topics are then presented such as snapshots/snapclones/mirrorclones and the SSSU command line as well as EVAPerf.

Next Steps

  • Students wishing a more in-depth study are encouraged to also take "HP EVA Storage Business Continuity and Availability" (HF839S)

Course outline

Course Overview

  • EVA hardware and software components and their functions, including the storage management server How the EVA storage system implements virtualization technology, including its use of eXtensible Controller Software (XCS)
  • How to configure and manage the EVA solution
  • Best practices and troubleshooting sources

Solution Overview

  • This module is an overview of EVA hardware and software. Many components are covered in more detail in later modules which have a detailed overview of each array

EVA Hardware

  • This module discusses EVA hardware configurations and compares the features and capabilities of the different hardware generations. The module refers to controllers and disk shelves, but those components are discussed in more detail in later modules

EVA4400 Controller and Management Module

  • HSV300 controllers
  • The EVA4400 Management Module

Controllers for Gen 4 Arrays

  • This module covers the fourth generation controllers:
  • HSV400 controllers used with the EVA6400
  • HSV450 controllers used with the EVA8400

Generation 2 Arrays

  • This module covers the second generations arrays:
  • HSV2x0 controllers, used with the EVA4000/6000/8000 and EVA4100/6100/8100 series arrays
  • M5x14x disk enclosures

Drive Enclosure for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Arrays

  • Drive enclosures used with EVA4400/6400/8400 arrays

Basic Concepts and Terminology

  • This module describes concepts and terminology essential to understanding how the Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) virtualization software operates. It defines the terms you need to know and then explores the concepts behind the terms

Command View EVA Introduction

  • This module is an introduction to HP StorageWorks Command View EVA software, and describes the following:
  • General topics such as features, history, delivery, and software interoperability
  • Server-based management of the EVA
  • Array-based management of the EVA
  • Command View EVA user interface

This module focuses on Command View EVA 9.x, the current version.

Storage System Configuration

  • This module applies to Command View EVA 9.x and is compatible with several versions of Controller Software code

Host System Configuration

  • This module describes HP StorageWorks Command View EVA host system preparation and configuration

HP StorageWorks Multipath Solutions

  • This module covers the installation and configuration of MPIO DSM for Windows hosts and other multipathing solutions

Advanced Concepts and Terminology

  • This module describes concepts and terminology essential to understanding how the Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) virtualization software operates. It defines the terms you need to know and then explores the concepts behind the terms

Storage System Scripting Utility

  • This chapter defines many of the commands and switches available in the utility, including:
  • ADD
  • EXIT
  • FILE
  • HELP
  • LS
  • SET

Local Replication- Business Copy

  • This module describes concepts and terminology essential to understanding how the Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) virtualization software performs and manages local replication, Business Copy. It defines the terms you need to know and then explores the concepts behind the terms

Replication Solution Manager

  • This module provides an introduction to local replication capabilities of the HP Replication Solution Manager

Continuous Access EVA Solution Overview

  • The course material in this module will give you a high level overview of the EVA Continuous Access (CA) solution

Command View Scenarios

  • In this module you will be presented with screen shots from Command View. Each slide will present a different scenario/issue. Examine the Command View screen shots to help address each scenario/issue

Troubleshooting - Event Management

  • In this module we will address numerous events, log files, and concepts which will be helpful in EVA troubleshooting

Performance Monitor

  • This module describes the use of EVAPerf and other tools to measure the performance of products in the EVA family

Upgrading EVA Software

  • This module will address upgrading EVA software. Although many pieces of software are involved in the EVA environment, the focus of this module will be the upgrade process of the XCS firmware on the EVA controllers. Upgrading the disk drive firmware will also be discussed

Configuration Best Practices

  • This module summarizes the configuration best practices for the EVA4x00/6x00/8x00 (current family) solutions.

This module addresses the configuration from the perspective of:

  • High availability
  • Performance
  • Minimum total cost of ownership (referred to as cost best practices)

Appendix -P6000

  • What is new in the family of EVA P6000

U4879 L.01
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