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Course number U3725S
Length 5 days
Delivery method Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $3,500
CAD $3,850
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Course overview

This 5-day course covers tasks to create new OpenVMS environments, which include the installation of the OpenVMS software and performing the post installation tasks such as registering licenses and configuring the network and cluster environment. It also covers installing layered products, setting up the security environment, and customizing the system. Labs are provided to reinforce the topics covered in the lecture.



  • (U3716S) HP OpenVMS Fundamentals course
  • (U3724S) HP OpenVMS System Management I: Essentials for Established Systems
  • or equivalent knowledge


  • OpenVMS System Managers

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Benefits to you

This course covers tasks to create new OpenVMS Systems. These tasks include installing the OpenVMS and layered products software, setting up the security environment, and customizing the system. The course also covers post installation tasks, such as registering licenses and configuring the network and cluster environment. This course involves the students in relevant exercises that reinforce the lectures and gives students the application of the lectures so that they can install and configure a new OpenVMS installation.

Next Steps

  • (U3726S) Managing Complex HP OpenVMS Systems
  • (U3727S) HP OpenVMS System Performance Management
  • (U3728S) TCP/IP Services for HP OpenVMS

Course Objective

This goal of this course is to teach how to configure and manage an OpenVMS environment
on Alpha and Integrity servers, configure it into a network and cluster environment and perform other post installation tasks to help student became proficient system managers. However, it is not a goal in this course to make students network managers.

Detailed Course Outline

Installing and Updating OpenVMS

  • OpenVMS packages
  • Installation of OpenVMS
  • Upgrading OpenVMS
  • CD boot options

Creating Volumes

  • Making volumes available
  • Managing volume characteristics
  • Using the DISMOUNT command
  • Creating shadow sets


  • License Management
  • License types
  • Product Authorization Key (PAK)
  • License Management utility (license command)

Post Installation Duties

  • Decompressing the Libraries
  • Ensuring Procedures are executed at Startup
  • System Startup Files
  • SYSMAN Startup Database
  • Adding User Accounts

Network Configuration

  • HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
  • Configuration
  • Enabling TELNET and FTP
  • Application Usage
  • Managing Nodes in the Network Database
  • Creating and using Proxy Accounts

Customizing the System

  • Changing system parameters using SYSGEN
  • Changing system parameters using SYSMAN
  • Changing system parameters using AUTOGEN
  • Using the INSTALL utility to manage the known file database
  • Setting up page, swap and system dump files

OpenVMS Cluster Concepts and Configuration

  • OpenVMS Cluster overview
  • Cluster Authorization
  • OpenVMS Cluster Processes
  • Components of an OpenVMS Cluster System
  • OpenVMS Cluster Software
  • Cluster Interconnects
  • Device Naming Conventions
  • Satellite Nodes
  • System File Sharing
  • Configuring an OpenVMS Cluster System
  • The Show Cluster Utility

OpenVMS Security

  • User security
  • Object security
  • Network security
  • Physical security
  • Security auditing
  • Intrusion and break-in detection

Managing OpenVMS Queues

  • This module covers advanced queue management tasks. It addresses the following topics:
  • The Job Controller
  • The Queue Manager
  • Creating DCPS Queues
  • Working with Device Control Libraries
  • Defining Forms

Backup Strategies

  • Devising a Backup and Restore Strategy
  • Backup Concepts
  • Backup Types
  • Backup Operations
  • Backing up the System Disk
  • Backing up a Shadow Set

Layered Products

  • Product Installation Guide and Release Notes
  • Licenses for Layered Products
  • POLYCENTER Software Installation (PCSI)
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • System Parameters
  • DCL Tables
  •   U3725S D.02