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Virtual Advanced Prepress/Digital Front End Training


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Schedule Call 800-204-6344 option 1 for Indigo, then 4 for Training
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Special notes

  • Courses are tailored to your specific needs
  • A consultation is required to understand the needs and requirements of the virtual advanced training request
  • Please call to schedule a free consultation and to determine the eligibility for this course

Course overview

Advanced instruction delivered remotely to provide customers with additional HP Indigo training specific to the growing needs of their company. The focus of the training will be to enhance the established workflows and broaden the knowledge set pre-established by the initial HP Indigo Prepress/Digital Front End training courses. Each course will be focused on a specific topic and be limited to a maximum of two days. Multiple classes can be scheduled to cover a wide range of advanced and/or refresher material topics.

Individual course topics may include one of but not limited to the following:

  • Refresher of a module from a pre-existing Prepress course to allow additional workforce to effectively learn the available HP Indigo toolsets
    (i.e. VDP for Esko, Rules for SmartStream Designer)
  • Upgrade instruction for certain product options previously not purchased
    (i.e. HP Indigo RIP to Harlequin, L&P IN050 to L&P IN100)
  • Integration topics between prepress and press to help the entire workflow within a HP Indigo digital print environment

Customer files can be provided prior to enhance the training.


  • Minimum of one attendee has previously attended an HP Indigo Front End Tools for Prepress course of relevance to the advanced course offering (Call)
  • Minimum of 1 year digital prepress experience Macintosh or PC
  • Working knowledge of the Adobe CS suite including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat
  • If applicable a working knowledge of variable data
  • If applicable a working knowledge of color theory, color profiling and color measurement and calibration tools
  • At minimum one computer available for all participants (one per attendee is preferred), internet connection to participate in class, a phone line with conference capability and network access the installed HP Indigo Digital Front End


  • Prepress professionals who have been creating and send files to the HP Indigo press but require additional training as either part of an upgrade or additional job functionality

Ways to save

  • Have multiple attendees

Course objectives

By the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Optimize and streamline digital file production to the HP Indigo device
  • Build upon previous course fundamentals to ensure that customer specific needs and requirements are met
  • Develop critical implementation and thinking skills to limit the downtime associated with the request of HP Indigo tiered support services

Benefits to you

  • Minimal disruption of day-to day facility operations
  • Ability to have employees attend training who may have travel restrictions
  • Educate additional staff on job specific topics and tasks
  • Establish higher level of understanding of the individual specified topics covered
  • Targeted instruction upon newly purchased options or upgrades

Course outline

  • To be established based upon mandatory prescreen
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