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HP Partner Training Pass (HH668S)


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Offering the ultimate in flexibility, this simple, economical way to purchase training provides you with credits you can use for HP Partner Training courses

HP Partner Training Pass-Product Description

The HP Partner Training Pass are flexible and simple ways for HP Partners to buy and manage training on HP products and technologies. The HP Partner Training Pass, a currency-based account of funds, can be used to purchase any courses on the HP Partner Training Schedule or HP Education Services website that are offered in the US and Canada.

A flexible way to train your workforce

A strong commitment to training is essential in today's competitive environment. Professional training can help you reduce costs, mitigate risks and accelerate business outcomes. Importantly, HP Partner Training supports your certification efforts and product authorization status. With the HP Partner Training Pass, you can stretch your training dollars, simplify budgeting, and streamline the management of your training function.

Benefits of the HP Partner Training Pass

  • Flexibility - Attend training as you need it. There is no need to know student names, dates or even locations in advance
  • Practicality - Lock in budget dollars by pre-purchasing training credits while funding is available
  • Convenience - Minimize the time and effort spent on purchasing and managing training throughout the year. A single purchasing transaction sets up your HP Partner Training Pass
  • Simplified enrollment - Once your Partner Training Pass is in place, students simply enroll for classes as needed no additional funding, purchase orders or approvals are required. You register for scheduled courses through the HP Partner Portal.

    If you need assistance with registration, you can contact us by phone 1-800-472-5277 (US) or - 1-800-563-5089 (Canada)
    If you have questions or need assistance, regarding the ExpertOne program, certifications, exam inquiries, or The Learning Center (TLC) send an email to Expertonesupport.na@hp.com or call 1-800-273-4812 (Option 4, Option 3).

More important information

  • The HP Partner Training Pass can only be used for the training of HP Partner employees and cannot be used for end-user/customer training or Pearson VUE certification exams
  • The duration of the HP Partner Training Pass is 12 months from the date of purchase. Any unused funds at expiration are forfeited and no extension beyond expiration is permitted
  • Payment is due in full at the time the initial order is placed
  • Course registration and availability is on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis. Standard HP Education Services terms and conditions apply to course cancellations, student withdrawals, and onsite or dedicated delivery cancellations and changes
  • A valid HP Training Pass account number and Learner ID is required to register a student. You are responsible for ensuring that only authorized personnel within your organization utilize the agreement, and that all registrations and orders are correctly identified to HP
  • HP Partner Training Passes can be redeemed for any course offered by HP Education Services in the US and Canada, including HP Education non-certification courses. Qualifying courses may be found at www.hp.com/education. Applicable courses may be found on the HP Partner Training Schedule and HP Education website. HP Partner Training Pass funds cannot be used for industry events, self-study course materials, or training services provided by other HP organizations. Funds from the HP Partner Training Pass cannot be used for training on HP Software, HP Indigo, Scitex or Autonomy products. Attached is the updated Service Brief and FAQ pdf. The duration of the HP Partner Training Pass is 12 months from the date of activation. "Refills" can be purchased anytime during this period, however, those funds are subject to the same expiration date. Training must be scheduled prior to the HP Partner Training Pass expiration date. Any unused funds at expiration are forfeited and no extension beyond expiration is permitted. HP Partner Training Passes purchased in the U.S. or Canada can be used for training deliveries solely within these countries

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For more information

For more information on the technical training that HP Education offers click here.

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If you have questions or need assistance, please call 1-800-472-5277 (US) or - 1-800-563-5089 (Canada)

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