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Course number HL048S
Length 5 days
Delivery method* Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $4,000
CAD $4,400
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Course overview

This training course covers the features of HP Intelligent Management Center Software Platform (IMC)version 7.1. This course will teach a learner how IMC can be used for: Fault Management; Configuration and Change Management; Accounting Management; Performance Management; User Management, Security Management in a manner consistent with the OSI Management Framework. In this course learners will get hands on experience using IMC to manage ComWare and ProVision products as well as products from 3rd party vendors like Cisco, Microsoft and VMware.

Course Description

This instructor led course is aimed at Network Engineers and Managers who will be using HP IMC to manage their HP and multi-vendor networks. Learn about why HP IMC is uniquely positioned to manage next generation data center networks.


  • Learners should have experience in the networking field to get the most from this training course


  • Network Engineers and Administrators
  • Network Architects and Consultants

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Benefits to you

At the conclusion of this seminar you will be able use IMC to:

  • Discover and isolate faults in your environment
  • Make configuration changes to your computing environment
  • Authenticate your users with 802.1X and UAM
  • Manage the performance of your environment
  • Increase the security of your environment

Course outline

Course Introduction

Module 1: Introduction to IMC

  • Design Overview
  • Network Stakeholders
  • IMC Platform Portfolio
  • Licensing
  • IMC Modules - Modules Overview - Application Performance Manager - Network Traffic Analyzer Module - User Access Management Module - Endpoint Admission Defense Module - Service Operation Management Module - User Behavior Module - Wireless Services Manager Module - Virtual Application Networks Connection Manager - Virtual Application Networks Fabric Manager - Virtual Applications Networks SDN Manager - TACACS Authentication Manager - QoS Module - Service Health Manager - Remote Site Manager - MPLS VPN Manager Module - IPSec/VPN Manager Module - Branch Intelligent Management Module - Intelligent Analysis Reporter
  • SNMP
  • Technical Design Layers
  • Deployment Models

Module 2: IMC Initial Access

  • Installation Process
  • IMC Processes
  • Deployment Monitoring Agent
  • Installing Licenses
  • Accessing IMC
  • IMC GUI Overview
  • Interface Enhancements
  • IMC Administration

Module 3: Adding Devices

  • Device Setup Requirements
  • Resource Management Templates
  • Adding Devices
  • Other Third-party Devices
  • Other Tasks for New Devices
  • Wizards: Quick Start
  • Basic IMC Management Verification

Module 4: View Management

  • View Management Default Views
  • Customized Topologies
  • Data Center Topologies
  • Shortcuts (Favorites)

Module 5: Configuration Management

  • Configuration Center
  • Basic Device Configuration
  • Compliance Center

Module 6: Events and Alarms

  • Monitoring Overview
  • Alarm Overview
  • Alarm Settings
  • SNMP Trap Management
  • Syslog Management

Module 7: VLAN Management

  • VLAN Overview
  • VLAN Configuration and Management

Module 8: ACL Management

  • ACL Overview
  • ACL Configuration
  • ACL Verification

Module 9: Virtualization Management

  • Virtualization Overview
  • IMC Standards and Policies for Virtualization
  • VCM Preparation
  • VCM Configuration and Verification

Module 10: User Access Management

  • Basic 802.1X
  • UAM as Radius Server
  • Advanced 802.1X

Module 11: Performance Management

  • Performance Management Overview
  • Port Groups
  • Performance Management Components
  • Real-time Monitor

Module 12: Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

  • NTA Overview
  • Device Configurations
  • Configure NTA for Traffic Analysis and Auditing
  • Host Session Monitoring
  • Interface Monitoring

Module 13: Reporting

  • Reporting Overview
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Viewing Scheduled Reports

HL048S - D.00