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Course number HK935S
Length 3 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,700
CAD $2,970
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Special notes

  • HP ExpertOne Certification Course ID = 006855585
  • HP ExpertOne Course version = 13.21
  • This course is recommended for HP ExpertOne Certification Exam = HP0-D24

Course overview

This course is designed to teach the skills required to administer solutions based on the HP Converged Infrastructure, including management of server, storage, and network resource pools, virtual machines, and software deployments, as well as using the appropriate tools to monitor the health and utilization of the environment. It helps the HP employee, partner, or customer prepare for the associated proctored exam(HP0-D24). Successfully passing this examis required to achieve the HP ATP - Converged Infrastructure Administrator V1 certification.


It is strongly recommended that the candidate pursuing the HP ATP – Converged Infrastructure Administrator V1 certification has the following knowledge and experience:

  • Managing HP BladeSystemenvironments, including Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect
  • Using HP Insight Control to manage HP servers


  • This course is designed for individuals who need to acquire skills required to administer solutions based on HP Converged Infrastructure and who are preparing to take the HP0-D24 exam.

Certifications and Related Examinations

  • THP ATP - Converged Infrastructure Administrator V1
  • HP0-D24 - Administering HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions

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Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the traditional IT infrastructure challenges and how HP Converged Infrastructure solves these challenges
  • Present the HP Converged Infrastructure within the context of use cases and give examples of HP technologies, products, and solutions
  • List and describe the HP management software used to administer and manage the HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Present the tools, approaches, and tasks for maintaining the HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Demonstrate your ability to administer and operate the HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Optimize and troubleshoot key aspects of the environment

Next steps

  • Implementing the HP Matrix Operating Environment (#00486464/HK251)

Course outline

Module 0: Course Overview

Module 1: HP Converged Infrastructure Fundamentals

  • Explain the traditional IT infrastructure challenges and relate them to a journey to a converged infrastructure
  • Define the HP Converged Infrastructure and explain its architecture, attributes, and components
  • Present HP technologies, products, and solutions within a context of HP Converged Infrastructure use cases
  • Explain the HP services applicable to the Converged Infrastructure
  • List additional resources

Module 2: A Closer Look at HP Management Software

  • Describe the typical IT service life cycle and list its steps
  • Explain the purpose of the HP Insight Management suite
  • Discuss the tools and products that are appropriate for each step of the IT service lifecycle

Module 3: HP Converged Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Identify the HP tools you can use to manage an HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Explain how to use HP Insight Control integrations to manage an HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Explain the HP firmware strategy using HP SUM
  • Describe virtualization management software solutions
  • Explain how to use HP PCM software to maintain networks and network assets

Module 4: HP Converged Infrastructure Administration and Operation

  • Explain how to use HP SIM and the Managed System Setup Wizard for single-server administration
  • Explain how to use Insight Control for multiple server administration
  • Explain how to launch and the power management features of Insight Control, including Capacity Advisor
  • Explain how to use the infrastructure orchestration administrator console interface
  • Describe how to configure the CMS for high availability

Module 5: HP Converged Infrastructure Optimization

  • Create and maintain a configuration and performance baseline and appropriate documentation
  • Explain how to use Insight Control performance management
  • Manage performance of HP storage systems in a Converged Infrastructure

Module 6: HP Converged Infrastructure Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot an HP Converged Infrastructure environment
  • Validate communication with managed nodes
  • Troubleshoot an Insight Control infrastructure orchestration solution

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