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Course number HK922S
Length 1 day
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $800
CAD $880
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Course overview

This 1-day lecture-only course provides students with an introduction to Cloud computing, understanding of what it is and how it relates to their own businesses. If you are trying to understand what is meant by "Cloud Computing" this one day seminar is designed to help clear away the fog and hype and explore the basic concepts behind today’s Cloud-centric IT models. The class is based on an overview of standards based definitions with focus on a services based IT deployment model. IT decision makers and system administrators may find this an excellent first step for their journey towards the evolving IT Cloudscape.


HP recommends that students have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:
  • Basic experience and knowledge of IT computing environments


  • Senior IT Managers
  • Decision Makers
  • Head of IT Architecture and/or Operation Department
  • Anyone with interest in gaining better understanding of the Cloud and Cloud solutions

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Course objectives

This training is designed to:
  • Examine broadly what constitutes “Cloud Computing”
  • Review generic cloud terminology and its history
  • Discuss the technologies that enable today’s Cloud offerings
  • Describe how Cloud is changing the IT landscape
  • Explain current types of Cloud computing models
  • Discuss Service Level Management and the Cloud
  • Consider security and risk with respect to the Cloud
  • Begin a discussion on how you may approach and evaluate a Cloud Business Case in your IT environment
  • Explain how HP approaches the Cloud and some of the ways we assist our customers with their journey towards Cloud implementations

Next steps

Benefits to you

  • Understand how the Cloud will change today's IT
  • Be able to describe the different deployment models
  • Understand the sourcing model introduced by the Cloud
  • Be able to evaluate a Cloud business case and risk management
  • Understand how the Cloud may impact your organization and roles that may need to be defined/re-defined
  • Presentations and valuable discussions

Course outline

Module 1: Cloud Foundations

  • Cloud – Developing a common language
  • Business runs on data …
  • Why “Cloud” computing?
  • Examining common definitions of “Cloud”
  • Utility Computing comes of age?
  • Business strategy
  • IT Value in the Cloud
  • IT challenges and the Cloud

Module 2: Cloud Models and Design

  • Types of Clouds
  • “Public” IT Clouds …
  • “Private” IT Clouds …
  • “Community” IT Clouds …
  • “Hybrid” IT Clouds
  • The question of security in the Cloud
  • The “Cloud” as an IT service station
  • Additional Cloud terminology
  • Everything as a Service
  • What some are saying about the Cloud
  • Change management
  • Cloud Requirements

Module 3: Service Level Management, Standards and Governance in the Cloud

  • A New Relational Model
  • Services = Value in the Cloud
  • ITSM is a natural fit in the “Cloud”
  • The Five Blocks Model: Governance, Organisation, Technology, Operations, and Tools
  • ITIL V3 as a Framework for Service Management in the Cloud
  • Utility & Warranty
  • Service Design – in the Cloud
  • Service Transition – and the Cloud
  • Service Operation – with Cloud
  • Cloud Service Delivery: Features

Module 4: Cloud foundations – A journey begins with a first step

  • HP Education Services, our journey to the Cloud
  • Route to Cloud Dynamics
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Governance in the Cloud
  • Cloud standards activity
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix – an IT Focused Cloud platform
  • HP BladeSystem Matrix – a Foundation for Private Clouds
  • HP Cloud Service Automation Cloud Maps
  • Proof of Concept – POC
  • Implementing your own Private Cloud
  • HP CloudSystem Enterprise
  • Considering the advantages of Hybrid Cloud?
  • HP CloudSystem Service Provider
  • HP On-Line Cloud Assessment

Module 5: Implementing “best of breed”

  • Implementing “best of breed” ...
  • Developing a reference architecture
  • Functional Reference Architecture V4
  • Hybrid delivery and a value creation network
  • Running IT as a business ...
  • ITIL Type I: IT Support Functions
  • ITIL Type II: Cost Service Providers
  • ITIL Type III: Value Based Pricing
  • HP’s Service transformation model
  • Hybrid delivery strategy development
  • Hybrid Delivery and the CIO’s Role
  • Optimize delivery & integrate with the Cloud
  • Next steps

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