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HP Insight Control Power Management


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Course number HK760S
Length 2 days
Delivery method* Remotely assisted instructional learning ( RAIL)
Instructor-led training ( ILT)
Onsite dedicated training ( OST)
Price USD $1,600
CAD $1,760
*Courses are supported in the delivery formats above, but are not necessarily scheduled in every delivery format listed. Please click the schedule links at the top of the page to see which delivery formats are currently scheduled.

Special notes

Many clients want to understand how to control their power and heating/cooling costs within their Data Centers. According to recent analysts reports these costs account for over half of the total costs associated with a typical Data Center. HP has responded to this client need by adding a number of features in our Insight software product family designed to help clients have greater visibility to, and greater control over, their power consumption . This new 2-day course teaches clients about these new power management features and their optimal use.

Course overview

This 2-day course provides students with the introductory skills needed to effectively manage power within your data center infrastructure.


HP recommends that students have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:
  • ProLiant and/or BladeSystem experience


  • HP ProLiant System Administrators
  • System Integrators

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Describe HP ProLiant and BladeSystem power management tools and capabilities
  • Describe the benefits and components of HP Insight Control power management
  • Describe the licensing and update options available for HP Insight Control Software 6
  • Explain how HP Insight Control provides a complete power management solution

Benefits to you

  • Understand Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) and Onboard Administrator (OA) power management features
  • Understand the features and functions of HP Insight Control power management tools
  • Understand power management in an enterprise solution
  • Practical hands-on lab exercises
  • You will learn how to successfully manage HP servers using the HP Insight Control 6 software power management tools

Course outline

Module 0: Course Overview

Module 1: Power Management Overview

  • Introduction to Power Management
  • Why Do We Need to Manage Power?

Module 2: BladeSystem Power Management Features

  • Power Management with the OA
  • Dynamic Power Savings mode
  • Power management with iLO-2/iLO-3


  • Power Management via Onboard Administrator and iLO-2/iLO-3
  • Configuring ProLiant BladeSystem Servers

Module 3: Installing and Configuring

  • Describe the hardware and software requirements for using the HP Insight Control power management products
  • Explain the process of installing and configuring HP Insight Control power management
  • Explain the process for discovering a data center’s physical and power delivery devices
  • Intelligent Power Discovery
  • Describe the configuration steps for a server


  • Configure Insight Control Power Management via SIM

Module 4: ProLiant Power Management Features

  • ProLiant Power Regulator tools
  • HP Dynamic Power Capping
  • HP Enclosure Dynamic Power Capping
  • Power Capping as part of a data center planning and provisioning strategy


  • Plugin Power Management Tools from SIM 6.2 to Insight Lights Out (2/3)

Module 5: Insight Control Power Management Features

  • Defining the contents of a rack
  • Describing the layout of the data center
  • Power and thermal monitoring and reporting
  • Spatial and thermal infrastructure views and editor
  • Data Center Power Control - configuration
  • Group Dynamic Power Capping


  • Using Insight Control power management to set power caps

Module 6: HP Power Advisor and Power Sizer tools

  • Provide an overview of the HP Power Sizer tool
  • Provide an Overview of the HP Power Advisor tool


  • HP Power Sizer lab (supported outside of VL)
  • HP Power Advisor Lab (supported outside of VL)

Module 7: Support & Troubleshooting

  • Powering c7000 enclosures
  • List the available documentation and online resources for HP Insight Control Power Management
  • List the HP support and services available for HP Insight Control
  • Identify some of the known issues

HK760S A.01
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