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Course number HK712S
Length 4 days
Delivery method* Remotely assisted instructional learning ( RAIL)
Instructor-led training ( ILT)
Onsite dedicated training ( OST)
Price USD $2,800
CAD $3,080
*Courses are supported in the delivery formats above, but are not necessarily scheduled in every delivery format listed. Please click the schedule links at the top of the page to see which delivery formats are currently scheduled.

Special notes

This course is targeted towards customers running HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) on HP-UX.

Customers who run HP SIM primarily on Microsoft Windows should attend HE644S.

HK712S replaces HP's previous HB508S Systems Insight Manager course.

Course overview

This course covers the installation, configuration and use of HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) on an HP-UX Central Management Server. HP SIM provides the management features of device discovery and identification, single event view, inventory data collection and reporting. This course focuses on the HP-UX environment and is 60% lecture and 40% hands-on labs using HP servers.


  • Experience in HP-UX administration
  • Familiarity with network concepts and configuration


  • This course is targeted for customers using HP Systems Insight Manager to manage Integrity servers and blades.

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Describe the components and tools of HP SIM
  • Install and configure HP SIM on HP-UX
  • Discover and monitor managed systems
  • Manage tasks and user authorization
  • Manage the HP SIM server and create reports
  • Troubleshoot HP SIM
  • Monitor power utilization

Next steps

  • HP Capacity Advisor and Global Workload Manager (HF869S)
  • HP Integrity Server Blade Administration (HC590S)

Benefits to you

  • Monitor and manage multiple systems from a single location and improve the utilization of your server environment by knowing how to quickly move computer power where it is needed
  • Learn how to automate events and tasks to reduce manual processes and free resources for innovation
  • Create consistent reports on managed systems to enable faster and more efficient decisions

Detailed course outline

Touring HP SIM

  • Overview
  • Plug-in Applications
  • HP SIM Ecosystem
  • Security
  • System and Agent-Generated Events
  • HP SIM Management Components

Software Installation and Initialization

  • Installation Activities - CMS
  • HP SIM Sizer
  • Installing & Verifying HP SIM on HP-UX
  • Logging into HP SIM
  • First Time Wizard
  • The Managed System Setup Utility
  • Licensing Managed Nodes in the VSE

Navigating and Configuring the HP SIM Web-based Interface

  • HP SIM Login Page
  • Customizing the HP SIM Home Page
  • HP SIM System Collections
  • HP SIM Event Collections and Monitoring
  • HP SIM Administrator's Menus

Tasks and Tools with User Authorization

  • Tasks
  • Toolboxes and Tools
  • Users and Authorizations
  • Custom Tools

HP SIM Reports

  • Managing Reports
  • Targets and Filters
  • Enhanced Reports

Customizing Discovery and Identification

  • Global and System Credentials
  • Discovery and Identification
  • Disabling/Enabling System Monitoring

Viewing and Interpreting Audit, Task and Activity Logs

  • Audit Logging
  • Task Logs
  • Other Related Log Files

Power Utilization with Insight Power Manager

  • Benefits and Features of Insight Power Manager
  • Data Center Power Control Rules
  • Accessing IPM from HP SIM
  • Configuring Power Alerts
  • Generating Power Reports

Using HP SIM Advanced Features

  • System Type Manager
  • Adding SNMP MIBs to HP SIM
  • Automatic Event Handling
  • SIM Database Initialization, Backup and Restore

Using the HP SIM Virtualization Manager

  • Virtualization Manager vs Virtual Machines Manager
  • Resource Utilization Profile Viewer
  • Utilization Meter Callout
  • Information Callout
  • Other Features accessible from the Virtualization Manager

Troubleshooting Basics in the VSE

  • Configuration Issues
  • Managed Node Configuration Issues
  • HP SIM Protocols
  • HP SIM Security
  • HP SIM Communications
  • HP SIM License Management
  • HP SIM Agent Control
  • HP SIM Managed System Setup Wizard

HP SIM Command Line User Interface

  • Command Line Interface
  • Examples

HK712 A.00
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