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Applied Service Management Workshop Series


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At a glance
Course number HK634X
Length 2 days (can be tailored)
Delivery method Onsite dedicated training ( OST)
Price TO PURCHASE, call 800-HPCLASS (800-472-5277)

Course overview

This workshop series helps you and your ITILŪ/ITSM team take your ITIL best practice knowledge out of the classroom and into your specific IT environment. The series is designed so that:

  • Each workshop addresses a specific improvement and results in a tightly scoped implementation plan
  • The workshops explicitly make use of the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) framework in creating the implementation plans
  • Over the course of your workshop series, your team will gain mastery of the CSI framework, thereby becoming more self-sufficient in maintaining your ITSM momentum

The set of improvements addressed by your workshop series will be unique to your organization's needs. Your specific improvements may include building a service catalog; Improving Incident Management with a knowledge database; defining change models for increased Change Management efficiency; or designing a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with the right scope. Your workshop series can include any number of workshops, depending on the number of improvements you are targeting. And HP can work with you to determine an optimal set of improvements, based on your current environment, IT strategy, and key IT and business imperatives.

Each 2-day workshop follows the Workshop Agenda shown below.


  • Participants that have just completed ITIL® V3 Foundation training course (HF421S or HF422S) or individuals that have previously obtained one or more ITIL V3 certifications


All IT Staff, system and network administrators, managers and executives who are responsible for the delivery of IT services in an organization and want to learn how to move from theory to practical application for results.

Ways to save

Workshop objectives

At the end of this workshop participants will have learned how to:

  • Identify current state and specific challenges that need to be addressed
  • Determine the appropriate scope of activity within an improvement project that will ensure success
  • Define the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics to ensure measurable results
  • Acquire guidance and direction for a clear path and next steps to keep the momentum going through Continual Service Improvement
  • Identify current state and specific challenges that need to be addressed

Benefits to you

  • Get a greater return from your ITIL/ITSM training and certification by applying it directly and immediately in your IT environment
  • Get expert advice and assistance with planning your service improvement projects
  • Gain first-hand experience in leveraging the ITIL Continual Service Improvement model to clearly define, manage, and measure the value of your improvement projects
  • Increase your own team's confidence and capability in applying ITIL to Your Real World
  • Enable your staff for increased productivity - do it right the first time and increase efficiency!
  • Ensure success through measureable results (if it is not measured, then the definition of success is too subjective)
  • Align IT to strategic business need, gain improved quality of service and reduce the cost of provisioning services to meet current and future demand by keeping the momentum going

Workshop Agenda

Each workshop will follow the structure shown here and will be targeted at a specific aspect of your IT environment from a Service Management point of view.

Day 1: Information gathering and discovery

  • Confirm the Vision for this improvement (What is the Vision?)
  • Meet with identified stakeholders, and ensure the desired end state is understood (The Vision)
  • Introduce the CSI Model as the method for achieving the desired results
  • Articulate Current State (Where are we now?) - Discuss current state performance, and review specific artifacts/reports as supportive evidence. (Some pre-workshop work is needed to gather that evidence.)
  • Discuss the challenges of the current state
  • Agree the desired Improvement Target (Where do we want to be?)
  • Best Practice approaches regarding the items identified for scope of activity (How do we get there? - scope)

Day 2: ITIL V3 Best Practice

  • Review Best Practice approaches regarding the items identified for scope of activity
  • Assignment: Custom activity applying ITIL theory to real world example
  • Challenges/risks of adopting the identified ITIL concepts/approaches
  • Using Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators and metrics to measure
  • Agree next steps, document the action item owners, and set timelines to keep the improvement momentum moving forward

Note that there is one special variation of the Applied Service Management Workshop for organizations that are just getting started - the Kickstart workshop. If your organization is faced with many different improvement project possibilities, or if you are looking for some guidance on how to identify and prioritize such projects, a Kickstart workshop is a perfect way to take stock of your current environment, identify current challenges and CIO/CTO and business imperatives, and enumerate and prioritize your improvement options. Each subsequent workshop would then target one of those specific improvement projects.

HK634 A.00

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