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Course number HK321S
Length 5 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $4,500
CAD $4,950
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Special notes

HP ExpertOne Certification ID for this courseware is #00244438.

Course overview

This training focuses on advanced topics such as scripting, performance tuning, advanced troubleshooting, virtualization and clustered environments. This class will focus on ProLiant ML/DL/SL solutions in the Enterprise and how these solutions address real problems that customers are facing today. Topics presented include using customized scripts to automate infrastructure deployments, and practices used to migrate from one server platform to another. Assists in preparation for the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) ProLiant ML/DL/SL certification exam.


Recommended prerequisite certifications:

  • AIS - HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010]
  • AIS - HP ProLiant ML/DL Servers [2007]


The Accredited Systems Engineer is expected to provide higher level solution based services such as:

  • Performance Tuning through the OS and HP tools such as SIM
  • Scripting utilizing RDP Server redeployment through migration tools such as P2P (ProLiant to ProLiant), P2V (ProLiant to Virtual), etc.
  • Virtual Server configuration and management instrumentation
  • OS/application/hardware problem isolation and diagnosis

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Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Install HP Insight Software
  • Install HP Insight Rapid Deployment software 3.83 (optional)
  • Deploy Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x86 using Scripting
  • Deploy Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x86 using Sysprep Imaging
  • Deploy VMware ESX4
  • Use HP System Insight Manager
  • Use HP Insight Virtual Machine Manager Software
  • Perform Virtual-to-Physical Migration using Insight Server Migration Software for ProLiant
  • Use HP Power Regulator
  • Use HP Insight Vulnerability and Patch Manager
  • Use Microsoft Cluster Services
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster
  • Install VMware vCenter Server
  • Configure VMware ESX HA and DRS Cluster
  • Troubleshoot HP SIM

Course outline

Module 0: HP Insight Software Management Suites

  • Describe Insight Control 6.0 management suites and hardware/software requirements:
    • Insight Control
    • HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center
    • HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server
    • and Insight Control for Linux
  • Describe basic features and components of Insight Dynamics

Module 1: Introducing HP Insight Rapid Deployment Software

  • Describe features and components of Insight Control server deployment
  • Describe new features of Insight Control server deployment 6.0
  • Describe scripted and imaged installation
  • Describe special functionality of Insight Control server deployment for HP BladeSystem

Module 2: HP Insight Rapid Deployment Software: Scripted Installation and Imaging Jobs

  • Define jobs and tasks and explain how they are used
  • Describe how Insight Control uses scripting in server deployment
  • Describe how Insight Control uses imaging in server deployment
  • Compare scripting and imaging deployment methods
  • Explain how to install Linux on a target server using a scripted installation

Module 3: HP SIM Advanced Functionality

  • Describe HP SIM configuration and navigation
  • Describe tasks, collections, and events
  • Describe the report function in HP SIM
  • Describe HP SIM advanced features

Module 4: HP Insight Software: VM Management and Server Migration Functionality

  • Describe Insight Control virtual machine management functionality
  • Describe Insight Control server migration functionality
  • Describe how to use server migration functionality

Module 5: HP Insight Software: Power Management

  • Describe the features and benefits of Insight Control power management
  • Discuss the Insight Control power management process
  • List Insight Control power management requirements
  • Explain how to use Insight Control power management
  • Troubleshoot Insight Control power management

Module 6: ProLiant High-Availability Clusters and Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Describe high availability and identify its different levels
  • Describe the clustering solutions that are available for a high-availability design
  • Identify the requirements and goals for cluster planning
  • Describe the components used to provide effective data protection in the clustered environment
  • Describe VMware HA and DRS clusters

Module 7: HP Systems Insight Manager Service and Repair

  • Describe the basics of troubleshooting
  • Identify solutions for many common HP SIM problems

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