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Course number HK293S
Length 3 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $2,100
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Course overview

This 3-day course provides an overview of the NonStop Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 4. Students learn the basics of the SOAP architecture, its deployment and tuning end to end. They will also learn how SOAP 4 leverages SOAP and Axis2. Migrating from SOAP 3 to NonStop SOAP 4 is also highlighted. Additional topics include Programatic API's, SOAP Transation Management, session management, Contract First Design, Digital Signatures and SDL. This three-day course is 70-percent lecture and 30-percent hands on lab.


  • Ability to work within the NonStop Open System Services (OSS) environment and
  • Working knowledge of iTP WebServer and
  • At least six months development experience on NonStop servers


  • Application programmers
  • System administrators
  • System analysts

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Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Describe NonStop SOAP architecture and features
  • Describe steps to deploy NonStop SOAP
  • Discuss migration considerations

Benefits to you

  • Become familiar with NonStop SOAP, its architecture and features, and learn the steps to deploying NonStop SOAP in order to improve enterprise information integration in transaction executions and provide broader access

Course outline

Module 1 - Introduction to NonStop SOAP

  • SOAP overview and features
  • Apache Axis2 overview
  • Compatibility
  • Migrating to NonStop SOAP

Module 2 - NonStop SOAP Architecture

  • NonStop SOAP requirements
  • High level architectural view
  • SOAP message structure
  • Request processing flows

Module 3 - Installing NonStop SOAP 4

  • Installation prerequisites
  • Installation overview
  • Setting up a deployment environment
  • Running NonStop SOAP

Module 4 - Pathway as a Web Service

  • How Pathway is web service oriented
  • Benefits of Pathway as a web service
  • Pathway in a NonStop SOAP 4 environment

Module 5 - Exposing Pathway Servers as Services Using NonStop SOAP 4

  • Steps required to take an existing Pathway serverclass and expose it as a web service using NonStop SOAP 4

Module 6 - Exposing Pathway Servers as Services Using Axis2

  • Steps required to take an existing Pathway serverclass and expose it as a web service using Axis2

Module 7 - NonStop SOAP Programmatic APIs

  • Service APIs for developing DLL-based services

Module 8 - NonStop SOAP Transaction Management

  • SOAP server and client transaction management
  • Session management transactions

Module 9 - NonStop SOAP Contract First Design

  • Introduce designing NonStop SOAP services using a contract-first pattern
  • Introduce the tools required
  • Compare Pathway and non-Pathway services

Module 10 - NonStop SOAP Digital Signatures

  • Explain what digital signatures are
  • Introduce the use of digital signatures

Module 11 - NonStop SOAP Migrating from 3.0

  • Describe the requirements for migration from NonStop SOAP 3
  • Describe the process of migrating from NonStop SOAP 3

Module 12 - NonStop SOAP SDL

  • The SDL basics and elements
  • The SDR
  • The SOAPAdminCL tool

Onsite Delivery Equipment Requirements

  • NonStop Integrity system running J06.09 and subsequent J-series RVUs and H06.21 and subsequent H-series RVUs of NonStop operating system software
  • Open System Services (OSS) environment installed on a NonStop system H06.21 or later
  • NonStop iTP WebServer 6.0 or later
  • NonStop TS/MP 2.0 or later
  • Data Definition Language (DDL) compiler 6.0 or later
  • NonStop XML parser DDL
  • Safeguard system
  • NonStop TMF

HK293S A.00