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Course number HH734S
Length 4 days
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $3,600
CAD $3,960
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Special notes

  1. HP ExpertOne Certification course SABA ID for this course: 00433808
  2. This course prepares you for HP ExpertOne HP ASE - Server Solutions Architect V8 track
  3. HP ExpertOne Exam= HP0-S36 Architecting HP Server Solutions

Course overview

This course delivers the technical presales knowledge and skills necessary to prepare learners to consult with customers regarding HP commercial and enterprise-class products and solutions. Learners attending this course will gain knowledge of business requirements, products, concepts, technologies, and solutions within a customer sales engagement. In addition, they will learn the technical concepts and technologies of HP server solutions. A series of demonstrations and lab assignments reinforce the learning concepts delivered in this class.


  • HP0-D13 exam - Technical Introduction to the HP Enterprise Portfolio


  • This course is intended for all presales audiences, both internal HP and external partner and customer

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Course objectives

Upon its completion, you should be able to:

  • Describe the HP Converged Infrastructure and its benefits as an IT strategy
  • Explain the characteristics to consider when choosing an HP server
  • Describe industry-standard architecture used in the ProLiant product family
  • Describe industry-standard architecture used in the HP Integrity product family
  • Explain how ProLiant and Integrity servers are categorized
  • Describe the HP approach to virtualization
  • Describe the range of partitioning technologies offered by HP
  • Identify the products in the HP BladeSystem portfolio
  • Identify ProLiant Blade Workstation Solutions
  • Describe the BladeSystem storage and expansion product portfolio
  • Describe and position Integrity NonStop BladeSystem solutions
  • Describe and position the HP CloudSystem Matrix
  • Explain how to select an HP BladeSystem enclosure
  • Identify and describe the BladeSystem enclosures
  • Describe the BladeSystem enclosure management hardware and software
  • Describe the power architecture used in BladeSystem enclosures
  • Explain how to balance power and cooling in BladeSystem enclosures
  • Identify the HP Network switches and differentiate among them
  • Compare direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage(NAS), and storage area network (SAN) products and their market positions
  • Describe the HP disk storage solutions in the HP Storage portfolio
  • Name the tools available from HP for selecting solution components
  • Explain how to manage HP servers with HP Insight Control
  • Explain the features and functions of the HP Insight Lifecycle Onboard (iLO) Management Engine
  • Describe the clustering models that are available for a high-availability design
  • Describe the components used to provide effective data protection in the clustered environment

Certifications and Related Examinations

  • HP ASE - HP Server Solution Architect V8
  • HP0-S36 - Architecting HP Server Solutions

Next steps

  • Technical Introduction to the HP Enterprise Portfolio, Rev. 11.41 (00400240_HH699S)

Course outline

Module 1: Industry-Standard Server Architecture

  • Implementing an HP Converged Infrastructure
  • Choosing an HP server
  • ProLiant server architecture
  • ProLiant server series and lines
  • Integrity server overview

Module 2: Technologies for HP systems

  • Virtualization
  • Partitioning

Module 3: HP Rack-mounted Server Products

  • ProLiant entry-level server portfolio
  • Integrity server portfolio

Module 4: HP BladeSystem

  • HP BladeSystem overview
  • HP ProLiant Blade Workstation Solutions
  • BladeSystem storage and expansion
  • Integrity NonStop BladeSystem
  • Integrity Superdome 2
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix

Module 5: HP BladeSystem Enclosures

  • Choosing a BladeSystem enclosure
  • BladeSystem enclosure management hardware and software
  • Power architecture
  • Balancing power and cooling

Module 6: Connectivity

  • CHP Networking portfolio
  • FlexNetwork architecture
  • BladeSystem networking
  • Virtual Connect management
  • InfiniBand technology

Module 7: Configuring Server Storage

  • Storage technologies
  • HP Storage portfolio overview
  • HP DAS solutions
  • HP NAS solutions
  • HP SAN solutions
  • HP disk storage solutions
  • HP storage drive portfolio
  • HP tape storage and media
  • Smart Array controllers

Module 8: Integrating the Solution

  • Planning a solution
  • HP Tools for selecting solution components
  • HP Services portfolio

Module 9: Managing the Solution

  • Managing HP servers with Insight Management
  • HP iLO Management Engine
  • Managing health and fault diagnostics
  • HP utilities
  • Booting the system

Module 10: High Availability Technologies

  • Defining availability
  • Clustering solutions
  • HP cluster implementations
  • HP best practices for power and cooling in the data center
  • Increasing availability through power protection
  • Effective data protection for the data center

HH734S - F.02