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HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press; Level 1 New Operator


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Course number HG421S
Length 5 days
Delivery method* Instructor-led training/Public (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training/Private (OST)
Price ILT/Public - USD $5,400 (1 student)
OST/Private - USD $22,000 (3 students)

Course overview

The HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press; Level 1 Operator course focuses on the concepts, procedures, and practices required to operate the press safely and effectively. This class builds confidence in new operators who will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press. Topics covered include operation of press and DFE station, operator routines, safety precautions, care and preventive maintenance, paper transport, handling of supplies, control of color, maintenance of the press, and troubleshooting common operator level printing problems using built-in troubleshooting tools.


  • Candidates should possess the qualities described in the HP Indigo Digital Press Operator Candidate Selection Criteria guide
  • Having a background in printing technology (traditional press operation, prepress, graphic design) and basic computer skills help students excel and are preferred, but are not necessary
  • Please ensure that your operator knows which press and options you have for the class they are attending


  • Training is structured specifically for those individuals who are new to the HP Indigo family of digital offset printing presses and will be assigned to operate the HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press

Ways to save

  • Onsite Dedicated training at your location (OST)

Course objectives

By the end of this training the operator will be able to:
  • Understand the safety and disposal procedures
  • Identify the parts and their function in the HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press
  • Perform Daily and periodic Maintenance Routines
  • Perform supplies replacement successfully
  • Utilize the DFE (HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server) and press software to print files
  • Understand how color is controlled within the HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press
  • Successfully print on multiple substrates

Next steps

  • Three to six months practical production experience running the press
  • HP Indigo 7xxx Digital Press; Level 2 Operator (HG419S)

Benefits to you

Trained HP Indigo press operators will positively influence press reliability in the following areas:

  • Machine stability and dependability by performing routine maintenance, on schedule and according to prescribed procedures
  • Productivity while minimizing waste and maximizing consumable life by monitoring the printing process, recognizing output problems, and implementing the appropriate corrective actions
  • Achieving optimum print quality by understanding the machines capabilities

Course outline

  • Press safety
  • Removal of waste materials
System Overview
  • Removal and replacement of parts
  • Overview of press components
  • Overview of Press and DFE (HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server) Software
  • Press specification
DFE (HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server) Software
  • Ripping files
  • Managing jobs
  • Job Editor
Press Software
  • Touch Panel User Interface (UI)
  • On-line Help
  • On Press Documentation
  • Basic Press Configuration
  • Night Mode
Handling of Supplies
  • Ink
  • Imaging Oil
  • Recycling Agent
  • Photo Imaging Plate (PIP) handling and troubleshooting
  • BID handling and troubleshooting
  • Blanket handling and troubleshooting
  • Impression film
  • PIP Underlayer replacement overview
  • Supplies barcodes
Pressure Adjustments
  • 1st Transfer Adjustment
Press Maintenance
  • Start of Day Routines
  • End of Day Routines
  • Press periodic Routines
Substrate Theory
  • Substrate treatment
  • Substrate certification
  • Paper properties
  • Paper handling
  • Environmental controls
Paper Feed
  • Loading substrates
  • Working with paper definitions
  • Feeder and Stacker setup procedures
  • Front to Back Registration
Color Control
  • Short Color Calibration
  • Full Color Calibration
  • Color Look Up Tables (LUT)
  • Color Match
  • Color Mapping
Advanced Topics
  • Chiller Operation/Maintenance
  • BID Engage/Disengage
  • Ink tank Replacement
  • Diagnostic tools (HP Indigo Print Care)

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