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HP Capacity Advisor and Global Workload Manager


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Course number HF869S
Length 5 days
Delivery method* Remotely assisted instructional learning ( RAIL)
Instructor-led training ( ILT)
Onsite dedicated training ( OST)
Price USD $3,500
CAD $3,850
*Courses are supported in the delivery formats above, but are not necessarily scheduled in every delivery format listed. Please click the schedule links at the top of the page to see which delivery formats are currently scheduled.

Special Note

This 5-day intensive boot camp replaces HP's Capacity Advisor (HB504S) and Global Workload Manager (HC719S) courses.

Course overview

This hands-on course supports the Virtual Server Operating Environment on HP-UX 11i v3, also known as HP Insight Dynamics-VSE. HP's advanced infrastructure management software lets you continuously analyze and optimize your adaptive infrastructure. Use Systems Insight Manager, Virtualization Manager, Capacity Advisor, Global Workload Manager, Instant Capacity, Process Resource Manager, and other tools. See how the tools work together to manage your systems and workloads. The 5-day course is 50% percent lecture and 50% percent hands-on labs.


  • HP-UX system and network administration I (H3064S) and HP-UX System and Network Administration II (H3065S) or
  • HP-UX for experienced UNIX system administrators (H5875S) or
  • Equivalent system administration experience and
  • HP Systems Insight Manager (HK712S)


  • Experienced HP-UX system administrators

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Describe the VSE components
  • Install and configure VSE
  • Use Virtualization manager to view systems and workloads
  • Use gWLM to manage workloads
  • Use Capacity Advisor to perform systems capacity planning and VM consolidations
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of VSE

Next steps

  • HP Integrity Cell-Based Server Administration (U5075S)

Benefits to you

  • Quickly evaluate different scenarios for consolidating older and underutilized physical servers onto virtual machines
  • Gain an appreciation of all HP-UX VSE tools
  • See how you can more effectively manage the computing resources in your environment

Course outline

Introduction to VSE & Product Tour

  • Virtualization concepts, products, ID-VSE (ProLiant) and VSE-OE (HP-UX), SIM ties it all together
  • Partitioning Continuum
  • Virtualization Manager
  • Capacity Advisor
  • Global Workload Manager
  • Logical Server Management
  • Integrity Server Management (Partition Manager, WLM, PRM, iCAP, PPU, Application Discovery, VM Mgr)

Design a Solution

  • Choosing a CMS
  • Licensing
  • Windows CMS Installation Requirements
  • HP-UX CMS Installation Requirements

Install, setup, configure VSE

  • Installation Overview
  • Windows CMS installation
  • HP-UX CMS installation
  • Post installation steps
  • Installing agents
  • Adding license keys

Virtualization Manager

  • Feature overview
  • Starting Virtualization Manager
  • Using VSE views
  • Configuring preferences
  • Compartment components
  • Using the Virtualization Manager toolbar
  • Managing with visualization icons


  • Introduction to workloads
  • Workload types
  • Utilization metrics
  • Creating workload definitions

Global Workload Manager

  • Global Workload Manager Product Tour
  • Planning a gWLM implementation
  • gWLM Controllers
  • gWLM Provisioning
  • Starting gWLM
  • Creating and managing Shared Resource Domains
  • Creating and Applying Policies
  • Adding Workloads
  • Common Administrative Tasks
  • GiCAP Integration
  • iCAP Manager
  • Advanced Topics
  • gWLM Best Practices
  • Application Discovery
  • First Pass gWLM Troubleshooting
  • iCAP/TiCAP/GiCAP Best Practices
  • gWLM Tips

Capacity Advisor

  • Product Tour
  • Data Collection
  • Scenario planning with the Smart Solver
  • Server Consolidation with Power
  • Insight Power Manager
  • Moving Workloads
  • Reports
  • Troubleshooting
  • Command Line Interface

VSE Troubleshooting

  • Common issues
  • Using vseassist
  • WBEM troubleshooting
  • Other HP SIM troubleshooting

Other Tools

  • Integrity Virtual Machine Manager overview
  • Partition Management planning and parmgr
  • Workload Manager
  • Pay per use
  • Process Resource Manager
  • Secure Resource Partitions

HF869S C.01
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