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Course number HF412S
Length 1 day
Delivery method Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Instructor-led training (ILT)
Onsite dedicated training (OST)
Price USD $270
CAD $297
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Course overview

This 1-day course provides an introduction to IT service management. The course gives a general overview of the ITSM lifecycle based on the 2011 Edition of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). It is ideal for staff who might be involved in the periphery of IT Service Management, or those who are new to the topic needing a broad, brief introduction and understanding of the benefits to be gained from implementing service management.


  • Basic IT knowledge would be helpful but not essential


  • The course is suitable for relatively large numbers and might be used to engender an initial understanding of IT service management amongst groups of implementation or project staff
  • The course may also be of value to managers wishing to obtain a broad, yet focused overview of IT service management – the course can be tailored to address any particular concerns

Ways to save

Course objectives

  • Gain a high-level understanding of the objectives and scope of IT service management, as described by ITIL
  • Understand the benefits of using a service management approach to improve the way in which services are delivered

Next steps

  • ITIL® Foundation for IT Service Management (HF421S)

Benefits to you

  • Gain a basic understanding of IT service management and how it may benefit your business and IT organization
  • Gain the necessary knowledge to make better decisions

Course outline

Course Introduction

Introduction to ITIL

Service Management as a Practice

Service Lifecycle stages

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

Technology and Architecture


  • Summary of lessons learned
  • Where do I go from here?

HF412S - D.00

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